FTEC Artificial Intelligence Trading Revolution

FTEC is a unique ecosystem with lots of intelligent solutions that enable you to start its activities in the crypto segment. Developers are confident that their project will be really successful and able to attract investors for the successful conduct of the precarious state. And now
The main objectives of the project
For traders. By traders
If we consider the global mission of FTEC project created to effectively assist newcomers trading, they will be able to quickly obtain the necessary skill to work with crypt. Today, non-professional traders enough FTEC system is a number of tools to enable a person with any level of understanding of the crypto segment, to begin work on the Exchange.

Important advantages
The ecosystem consists of a large number of solutions, which allow coping with a variety of tasks:

  • Intelligent trading systems allow you to make the trader more effective;
  • with the ability to filter the flow of information, you can significantly save own time;
  • Broad knowledge archive, as well as a private crypto, allows beginners to understand with all the features of this segment;
  • you will be able to create the optimal strategies for trade, based on statistical models and analysis of your activity;
  • minimization of risks at work, you will be able to choose only the best deals, automatic Assistant lets you avoid unpleasant situations;
  • only modern trends and continuous development, traders will keep abreast of all innovations crypto segment.

Products that FTEC is ready to offer its clients.
Stands out the main characteristics of this project that attract traders:

  • Intelligent systems using precise algorithms to perform various manipulations with tokens;
  • Social Assistant-a trader has the ability to specify certain parameters to filter the information, the software module will select and send only important data;
  • Behavioral analysis-through a special algorithm, the system gets the opportunity to analyze the activity of the trader to view its deal to avoid improper trades, reduce errors;
  • Search for anomalous Dynamics-traders can react promptly to drastic changes on the stock exchanges;
  • crypto academia doesn’t have to spend their own funds, initially risking large sums to know features of the crypto market. Special Academy offers an incredibly effective theoretical base, gives traders the opportunity to undertake training deals to pick up a really optimal trading strategy for the future;
  • trading advice-ability to monetize any your dream proposal are predictions from people who have earned a positive reputation in this regard;
  • the possibility of operational links with other traders, you can do this using telegrams-Assistant;
  • Dekstopnoe, as well as mobile application-an excellent opportunity to make full use of the functionality of the ecosystem, using mobile devices or PCs.

Development prospects
FTEC It is worth more to consider in detail a roadmap of the project: (I’m not going to write out all of the steps in more detail can be found on the site)

In mid-July 2017 year preparation. set the active team building;
In the winter of the year 2017 customer support Department was created, completed work on the connection and test different API;
In the summer of the 2018 year developers are planning to significantly expand the State, add Adaptive assistants, create a unique mobile application to obtain data on the effectiveness of your project;
In September, the roadmap will be updated accordingly to the preferences of developers. They plan to launch a large-scale marketing campaign launch Kriptoakademii;
Winter desktop applications will be created, experts will carry out a global inspection system, improve the roadmap to outline the prospects for the development of ecosystems.

A large, sturdy profiles on LinkedIn with a good background. I have no issues.
Just pleased the composition of advisers. All five people are.
Consider two of them give considerable respect project.

Andrei Popescu-co-founder of COSS.
Vladimir Convener-Adviser of many projects and CRYPTO Expert (TOP-5 on ICObench).
Other advisers that include microstrip antenna deserve no less attention.
Especially Andrey Dryga-ICO-anti-scam expert.

Initial Coin Offerings
Token name: FTEC
Standard token: ERC-20
In summer maximal 60 number of tokens: 998.4 million
Soft cap 2.000 ETH-Hard caps 55.000 ETH
Whitelist/KYC: yes/yes
All unsold tokens will be consumed with righteous fire blockchain
Tokens for the team will be frozen for a year! That, of course, will encourage the team to develop the project.

Website: https://ftec.io/en
Whitepaper : https://ftec.io/en/whitepaper
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3161171.0
Telegram : https://t.me/FTECofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ftec_found
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ftec.io

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