FST Network With Modules, Everything is Possible

FST Network is a blockchain startup, the team of which creates its products and architecture, allowing to modernize and improve existing blockchain-registers, applying to the various protocols. This applies to any business processes: payment systems, applications, and more. Organization FST is the main biological system on the planet, suitable for the creation of administrative modules with a logical design rationale, which reinforces the organization rapid and continuous creation of important applications and administrations Without the need for engineers Blockchain.

The world’s first FST Network system, which manufactures service modules with engineering thinking in the industrial sector, helping firms quickly and slowly develop based applications and services without the need to block technology developers.
Key issues: Over the past 30 years, the Internet has had a significant impact on our daily lives. After the barriers to the transmission of information disappeared, a completely new information space for the business environment was formed. There are many corporate giants that have made our life more convenient and technologically advanced.

1. Lack of developers. As well as a low level of knowledge – both of these problems pose a great risk to the business.
2. High Network load. The inability to handle increasing workloads leads to obvious problems: low performance, inefficient smart contracts.
4. The complexity of service deployment. Due to the lack of developers and the use of basic skills, companies can not realize the maximum speed of modern technologies.

Solving problems with FST network: To solve these problems, the FST network development team uses the method of inductive deconstruction of the problem. This means that a large and complex problem is decomposed into a large number of individual parts and each of them is solved individually. FST Network is engaged in the construction of three-tiered architecture, which uses various protocols of data transmission. Also, the functionality of the platform provides for transactions both inside and outside the network. FST Network will work similarly to the car conveyor. That is, there will be several different sections, each of which is responsible for a specific task.

Security FST Network: Speaking of safety, FST network is making efforts to specification problems, ensuring the safe exchange of information and data on protocols and consensus, especially among new networking technologies.

Advantages of FST Network: Faster-Enterprise can quickly assemble modules to create reliable block applications.

Trust is more reliable-the FST network solves the problems of development iteration with the help of universal and reliable modules, allowing enterprises to change modules at a certain point in time.

Smarter enterprise does not require block engineers to create applications. The main feature of the FST Network project is scaling the blockchain technology by parsing each individual object into small components – Modules. FST Network This approach can significantly reduce the technical complexity, as well as significantly reduce the cost of development in the blockchain environment.

With 3 unique protocols and 2 basic standards, customers who turn to FST Network will be able to quickly token their business, develop decentralized applications, configure data exchange between their accounting systems and Blockchain registry, as well as, if necessary, configure more complex integration with several different blockchain networks.

FST Network will build engineering level 3 with the help of various agreements complementing innovation of fundamental level with the help of modules. In addition, the FST network is ideal for various agreements, supports different business needs and accelerates the use of Blockchain innovations. One of our main goals here at FST Network is to help speed up the standard reception of the common environment Blockchain.

The FST network develops three more recent architectures at the height of many protocols, complementing the base-level technology with the help of modules. Regardless of the underlying chain of protocols in ETH or EOS.

Token FST: Start ICO in the February 2019 year.
Platform: Ethereum.
Cost of 1 coin FST – $0.26
The most plan to collect on ICO Hardcap-25 mln. Dollars.

FST Network also ensures that network technologies will be easier to maintain, where end users will be able to feel the values and business scenarios and participate in them independently and securely. Any new technology at the beginning of its path may not cause interest or understanding how to use it, but practice shows that often the most technically difficult technologies are becoming popular and gradually being simplified and adapted to Wide audience.

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