Forty Seven Bank – Banking For a Digital Age, Bringing Fiat and Cryptocurrency Under One Roof

Forty Seven Bank Rapid development of technology has had a significant impact on the financial services industry and has introduced a new round of development. The emergence of opportunities new technology has involved the expansion of the consumer demands of individuals and institutions in ensuring the provision of specific financial services and their rules.Global competition would modernize various aspects of life so that it becomes a challenge, souk proficient challenges and overcome the challenges we face with the frequent consumer desires. Sector can best challenge now will be in all exclusive behavior by way of the looming results of safety and security. In the financial sector global competition to soaring yields on a boom plus effective an efficient way many technologies will be used for development.
This colossal blow racing technology such as the stars in the sky in financial services.
As this became more of interest among consumers of the financial sector. Everyone wants the best results of their products they get. Around the world, the demands of individual and institutional consumers become more challenging for the overall financial sector. The best technology in the financial sector switched to digital assets and set it in the souk decentralized. Decentralization trends developing in the market. In market decentralization PSD2 coming soon in financial institutions.

With these consumers will access their products and services for trade and transactions in the market of digital assets by the fire. To create a potential market, the prospect of the technology becomes a race between the financial sector. One of the financial institutions, forty-seven bank can build financial transactions securely between digital and also the financial system.

In financial institutions, Forty Seven fully innovative Bank without branches. Forty-seven banks made a bridge which sandwiched between the world financial system and custom crypto. Forty-Seven banks with one-stop digital asset population binding the user with those traditionalists.

In Forty Seven Bank an innovative financial technologies can be used. Forty-Seven fully secure Bank, consumer banking service that will come and excellence and quality. With this, Forty Seven Bank be eye catching among users in the souk of financial institutions. Forty-seven lay in the supervision of fire, Blockchain technologies, bio-metrics, smart contracts, machine learning, Adaptive Security plus cloud computing.

There are several advantages of using technology to the customer:
No longer need to remember passwords if she forgot her credit or missing, the user is still able to pull his money in cash at a cash machine by using fingerprints with his personal identification data.
If the PIN code is lost or stolen cards will be automatic the machine scanner ATM detecting to match user data, if there is a mismatch of data then a third party will not be allowed to perform transactions in cash.
Mobile phones can also be used as a tool in this transaction if payment online.
Customer data are directly connected in the system database and the identification personal data included in the process of with the five points above can be ensured that the security system is applied to Forty seven will become the new breakthrough on world system banking in the future for the sake of the security of customer data and customer convenience in the transaction as well as provided the customer satisfaction, so that each customer does not appear to concern in doing financial transactions.

The introduction of biometric identification system conducted by the Forty Seven Banks will directly enhance the reputation of the use of technology applied to the banking parties in the financial system, in this case the Bank will be Seven Fory company very professional in handling a variety of things, problems, moreover, supported by the developer that has been making every effort to have the certification of management banking and have IT developer team who have had experience in applying as well as designing the system system use the technology Blockchains. On occasion we can use new predictions to be made against a party Forty Seven banks will become a legend in the European Union.

At this stage the developer developers still doing trials in London, as I quoted the information on the website on the pages of the official website that they would set up two branch banking in the city of London to certification by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and QSA audits, as far as the information I quoted on his official website in October of this year 2017, the developer still focus on the stage of the analysis of data security and security cyber security as well as the application of startup applications that will be applied on ATM machines at the same time the management of funding through the launch of the token.

In December the forthcoming launch of the token to be completed, at the next stage, namely in January 2018 i.e. elaboration procedure and the basic documents for the company. And will be continued until the year 2019 in early June developer already implementing banking services.

Stage in October is an open opportunity for everyone to make an investment to support the success of the project and at the end of month party developer will launching profits invested the investors of the stock purchase. For it depends on the consideration of each of you to take a step at this stage.

Token Details
Token Symbols: FSBT
Price: 1 FSBT token = 0.0047 is ETH.
Acceptable Cryptocurrencies pre-ICO ETH course.
Cryptocurrencies ICO received ETH, Bitcoin alone
pre-ICO start date: October 30, 2017
End date pre-ICO: 6 November 2017
ICO Start date: November 13, 2017
ICO end date: December 11, 2017

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