FLUZ COIN The Intelligent Retail Currency

Fluzcoin as an independent retail coin arranged in a computer-assisted management, address the issue of speed, cost, compliance, and excessive fluctuations; Open the currency real retail ready for mass acceptance. Fluzcoin artificial intelligence algorithms, EUNOMIA, overcome the fluctuation of crypto-economics with a real-time market, supply, and demand about computer Fluzcoin.

Fluzcoin team will provide the framework and the integrated extensions are ready to be integrated with popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, Hybris Commerce, Salesforce Cloud (ex-Demandware), Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce. and other applications.

There may be two types of integration because of the nature of blockchain coins first, traditional, focused such as PayPal or another electronic money extension, centralized storage of money sellers after receiving them from the consumer. used and can then move or switch to other properties that are requested by the seller.

However, the effort remains to cryptocurrency updating the antiquated financial system, and at least a partial and inefficient, with the decentralized forex relies on are suitable for everyday use and in particular to retail-clean code, practical, well established and savvy that can independently hold the integrity and functionality.

Fluzcoin can even provide his pocket to save, sell, buy, and pay with Fluzcoin in retail through scanning the QR code. Fluzcoin wallet company will supply traders with the necessary accounting entry to reconcile payments Fluzcoin.

Consumers are equipped with free applications, namely wallets Fluzcoin as well as additional features, such as tracking the free coins distributed to holders of Fluzcoin, find the nearest store that accepts Fluzcoin and giving a special deal that can only be switched to Fluzcoin.A merchant displays the total number of trains on conventional cash desk screen along with the conversion to the amount of Fluzcoin.

 3.223 billion Fluzcoin will be created for the ICO start.
 65.78% coins sold, 34.22% distributed as follows:
 12.04% Coins Bonus for participants of ICO
 9.31% ICO Bounty Marketing + Post-ICO Merchant Incentive Coins and Consumer Airdrops
 3.29% team and Advisor Coins
 3.29% Fluz Fluz Network Rewards Coins Drawing Right
 6.30% Fluz Coin Ltd.

Fluzcoin Global Inc. plans to use the ICO to raise funds in the following ways:
50% of marketing
10% of the development and monitoring of IT
3% Law & Compliance
20% of commercial retailers in the dorm
7% administration fee
10% of reserve Fluzcoin

Based on the experience of the previous launch, the team is comfortable with the following timeline:

The extreme price fluctuations-what we call “excessive volatility “-is the main barrier to adopting cryptocurrency en masse. Fluzcoin disables the mechanism behind this excess volatility (demand fluctuate on supply very stable) by making supply grow more in line with demand. This is accomplished by the Fluz Algorithm directs a new Fluzcoin and publishing rights to draw to the holder of the Fluzcoin. At a time when demand is lower, the Fluz Algorithm will slow or stop the issuance and repurchase and retirement Fluzcoin on the open market. Open market operations is carried out with the withdraw funds from a backup Fluzcoin which itself is built on part of the results of the ICO and is filled continuously with the proceeds from the sale of the new Fluzcoin when drawing rights exercised by the holder of the Fluzcoin. See also the question on the Reserve below for more details.

Website: https://fluzcoin.io
Whitepaper : https://fluzcoin.io/docs/Fluzcoin_Coin_Sale_Whitepaper.pdf
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