FLUX – Collectively, the gaming industry have more than 2.3 billion user that generates income and great value to entrepreneurs and companies (more than 105 billion USD per year). A turnover of transactions that occur through gaming platforms evolve exponentially but at the same time leads to several problems.
One of the main problems is the lack of liquidity in the system. Gamers spend hours to enhance the capabilities of competing and the level of their victory, collect rare artifacts, bought a particular skin, improve their characters, but exchanging them when they want to, they have to rely on centralized payment system which is largely provided by the external market. While the game developers productive on average 30% reduced by popular markets and publishers.

Introducing FLUX
With the help of blockchain technology, the whole process will become more transparent and automatic, which makes it kind of became an extension of the platform is good for the industry and help integrate the crypto in real business.

The vision of Flux is to cover the global market in the gaming space and create a full ecosystem that will benefit all users and many of his interests. We are happy to invite everyone to be part of the global business world wide.
Ecosystem FLUX
Ecosystem Flux brings together all the components of the industry. Now everyone can get a decent reward they get in a Flux token can be easily exchanged on the open market.

Ecosystem built around the process of the game. While players compete and get in Game1 and Matchmaking Platform using trade items related to the Trading Platform in Game1 FLUX, or buy items in the store FLUX, vendors (creator of the Game) that has been uploading Game1 to market FLUX developer get a piece of the transaction fee and betting In the case of GC withdraw funds to create this game in FLUX Crowdfunding platform, most of its revenues are also distributed among investors.In addition, the games can be broadcast using Streaming, FLUX platform and integration with Twitch, so the platform is getting a new audience, and Streamer received the award.The complete ecosystem is built by using some clever contract system, so all the actions described are processed completely transparent and fair.

Matchmaking Platform
Flux allows each player to compete in the games from a list of games available, and get the money opponent victory after getting worked.

To support the process of matchmaking is safe and transparent, our system will use smart contracts. In this way, each game will consist of 2 players and arbitrator/escrow (Gaming vendors, Gaming Source and auditable database specific) that will determine the outcome of the game.
The Advantage For The Player
1. the ability to earn real money, using the expertise of game play;
2. support of mobile games;
3. a variety of games;
4. user-friendly interface;
5. achievements and everyday tasks, additional income;
6. regular tournaments and custom;
7. the ability to expand your account;
great community;
8. the knowledge that every transaction is safe because of the decentralized systems;
data privacy for all users;
9. play free after seeing video ads.

Market Developer
The market FLUX is the market for developers which is directed at the monetization game competitive. FLUX takes 0% Commission for download or in-game purchases made through mobile applications for this type of game like that. In this case, the FLUX helps developers to increase demand for their games and to get additional benefits, while giving them the ability to distribute games without paying a Commission.

Benefits For Developers
 the registration process easy to open an account;
 rapid verification of the game;
 revenues from each game session;
 0% Commission for each transaction for the competitive game;
 the Commission is 2% for each transaction for the game that is not competitive;
 continued support of team FLUX;
 rapid audience Growth since the tournament organized by the team of FLUX.
The Trading Platform And Store
Ecosystem flux will have its own trading platform where every participant can trade goods available in Flux.

Every purchase will be immediately processed by our servers, and any product or service will be credited to your account instantly at gamers.

Virtual assets that can be traded in FLUX:
 in-game items
 digital skin
 in-game currencies
 digital game pack
No Commission for Virtual Goods (VG) VG to VG trading in FLUX. But the FLUX of taking commissions to process buy/sell VG among users by the amount of 2%.
Profits For Traders
 possibility to buy a skin using the token;
 possibility to trade using skin tokens;
 possibility to make the skin in the workshop and using the sound FLUX Checker to accept a particular skin. In case of acceptance, the 20% sales spat between voters, 60% goes to the author of the skin, 20% go to the FLUX.
Crowdfunding Platform
With Flux you will have the unique ability to portray your own projects and get funds from a community. In this way, fundraising got a chance to create a game that she imagine, investors got a chance to get paid most of the cost of an arranged marriage that will merangsangnya to invest even more. Investors also receive a pre-order packages and VIP in-game invested.

Pre-sales will be targeted largely to small and medium game creator (GC) who need some funds to bootstrap their projects. Flux distribution of the Coin to the GC will be controlled safely and transparently by the Flux platform and purchase pre-sale.
Direct broadcasting has a large audience and Flux are planning to use his full potential. Each person who will use the live stream from a particular game or a tournament will get certain rewards.

Streamer can receive donations from Twitch and FLUX at a time. In addition, they will receive a payment with COINS for FLUX amount of impressions that remain.
 3,000 viewers in streaming play FLUX = gift gift 10FC for a streamer;
 donations in FLUX COINS available;
 nickname Twitch contains the name of the FLUX lowers the cost of rake players to 1% and open participation in the tournament’s “FLUX angels ” weekly prize giveaways.
Flux lets everyone getting awards based on the number of impressions on the platform of the popular live broadcasts, such as Twitch, while broadcast users available in FLUX and Twitch.

Website: https://flux.fund/en
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