Flixxo: Creating A Decentralized Video Distribution Network

Flixxo – In conditions that more and more people use video to record and perpetuate everything, it certainly would be a terrible thing if combination with technology capable. Yes, a technology based on blockchain.
In this whitepaper, can be taken provided the core essence that will make use of flixxo technology platform blockchain to memnugkinkan all the people get paid by watching and share a video he saw. Easy, isn’t it?
For more information about the project which was initiated by Flixxo please refer to and read this article.

Profile Of Flixxo
Flixxo creates a decentralized video distribution network where users become the owners and beneficiaries of their content. Flixxo plans to use technology blockchain to eliminate the middleman. This platform will enable advertisers, audiences, and content creators to engage one another directly.
Although platforms such as YouTube fees as high as 40 or 50%, Flixxo envisions a future where content creators receive higher pieces to make the video.
Flixxo led by Adrian Garelik (co-founder at RSK Labs), Pablo Carbajo (creator of Riecoin), Federico Abed (UX/UI and the creator of Time Popcorn), Javier D’Ovidio (founder and VP of operations at EDRANS), and Olha Rymar (head of marketing and communication).
The company is registered in Gibraltar, although their official headquarters opened in Los Angeles in Q2 2018. The company was founded in Q1 2016.

How It Works Flixxo
In Flixxo, all users share content they have on their devices with other community members. Instead of storing video data on a centralized server – such is the workings of the platform YouTube and similar – Flixxo distributes data to the rest of its network.
If you ever used Popcorn Time, then Flixxo work the same way. Popcorn Time distribute and share data throughout the network using the Bittorrent protocol. Actually, the creator of Popcorn Time registered as a team member to Flixxo.
By using this system of decentralization, the Flixxo plan to eliminate the structural costs, allowing the producers share the revenue from their content with the network that supports it. That way, you get paid to help improve the Flixxo, then obtain a credit (in the form of digital token or token Flixx called FLX) in Exchange for watching high quality video content.
In the absence of an intermediary, Flixxo aims to let users pay for content they want to watch, with most of the payments made to the person who actually created the content – not an expensive intermediaries.

Token Flixx
Flixxo platform using token Flixx. Flixx is used by users to watch the video. The producer can memonetisasi their work and give incentives on their network using Flixx. Advertisers can pay for ads using Flixx, exchanging tokens “to pay for a moment of your attention.” Advertisers need to buy Flixx from content producers, which creates a token economy covered and organic based around platform Flixxo.
Flixxo using standard Ethereum ERC20 to make a token non transferred and secure. There will be a sure token of the preparation, and the company claimed that they would never issue a new token Flixx after initial sales.

Sale Token
Flixx is the standard token ERC20. The supply will be fixed from the beginning. There is no longer a token creation will be done after the initial sale. Pre-sales for the token Flixx starts on October 24 and lasts for 30 days.
Flixx token set 1 = Flixx 0.00025 ETH ETH, or 1 = 4,000 Flixx. Hard cap set at 75,000 ETH, along with minimum 5,000 ET.
There is a total supply of 1 billion (1 billion) proof FLX. 30% of the total inventory available for sale token, 50% is distributed to provide incentives for participation in the network’s first ten years, 10% to cover the cost of crowdsale, and 10% for the team and partners, was loaned out on a two-year period.
Bonus up to 30% (day 1) is available in the entire crowd, dropped to a bonus of 10% on day 21 to 30.