FIXTOKEN – The Stable Investment

Fixtoken – Meet the rugged bridge between the digital and traditional economies: Today the main problem of the cryptocurrency industry is that there is no strong connection with the real economy. The market of cryptocurrency is very unstable, the sharp fall of the price is connected with costs, risks, and difficulties. Many companies and teams are trying to develop and implement an alternative cryptocurrency, which will solve all the problems described above. Fixtoken is the most appropriate solution to this problem.

What is this fixtoken?
Fixtoken-cryptocurrency, decentralized through a network of smart contracts ERC20 contract, designed for micro-operations on the Internet, which is micro easy and useful for consumers.

The rapid growth and capitalization of the market point to a great demand for stable coins. The time has come to create a truly reliable and stable cryptocurrency, which will be a strong bridge between the traditional and digital economies, that’s why Fixtoken is created. Let’s look at this promising campaign in detail. Fixtoken decentralized cryptocurrency with the use of smart contract ETN ERC 20 network of contracts, designed for micro online transactions and investments, transactions on which are easy and simple for consumers. What awaits us with Fixtoken: a free deal with very low transaction fees, the development of real, tangible utilities for traditional currencies by creating a platform for micro online transactions, a distributed percentage of merchants and customers, for the value Rasta and Utility, safe, efficient and decentralized base in the long term on the technology of smart contracts ERC20. FIX Token is a stable investment, there is no need to worry about decreasing cryptocurrency value with Fixtoken you can get 100% refund from the value of money that you invest in Fixtoken. Fixtoken works with several well-known payment systems to develop the use of tokens, so it will be easy for you to pay for transactions with Fixtoken. FIX Debit Card provides the convenience of transactions for each client. This card also functions as an ATM, which is convenient to use for buying in various your favorite stores.

Sign Name: Fixtoken
Standard sign: ERC20
Contract Address:
Total: 8 billion FIX
Price: 0.000165 USD/FIX
Payment Method: ETH
Private sale: December 22, 2018 – January 3, 2019
Pre-Sale: 3 January 2019 Years-4
February 2019
ICO: February 4, 2019-March 2019

If you want to buy a token then go to the tab “deposit” and see the panel with the allowed cryptocurrency for deposit and purchase of the token. Please note that the minimum purchase is 25 000 Fixtoken. On the panel is a very convenient calculator that will help you calculate the number of tokens and the amount to pay.

Fixtoken After you have decided on the purchase, click on the button “buy” and you are transferred to the Panel, where the address is given for the deposit and the number of tokens you will receive in the end, including the discount. In general, everything is very simple, I want to note that the fees are already coming and tokens are successfully sold out. Also on the Fixtoken panel we can see the referral system, if you go to this tab you will see that for each referral you get a 10% bonus from the purchase. More detailed information you can get from the technical documentation of the project, as well as ask your questions in the telegram chat.

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