FINTRUX  loan market is peer-to-peer. Types of consumer loans in the United Kingdom grew 81.2% per year between 2010 and 2015, lending the SMES to grow 6% annually during the same period, the number of active borrowers nearly doubled on the year 2015 only. According to Morgan Stanley, while lending market in 2015 is still ~ 1% of the consumer and SME loans without collateral in the U.S., can achieve a ~ 10% in 2020 and expect China, the United Kingdom, and Australia followed suit. The global market could grow to $150-490 billion in 2020.

FintruX network is one of the blockchain-based online market world’s first automated administration and platform connecting borrowers, lenders, and special services agents, allowing them to configure and make every the contracts of the borrower in real-time.
Since each contract is fully customizable intelligent and simplified, more easily understood and without ambiguity. No more “If … then … else” and the code is not necessary. Smaller programs also led to lower gas costs.

Our technology supports the market model and innovative administration to efficiently connect and process of supply and demand of global capital.
Our platform also eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and bring convenience and total automation, improve efficiency, reduce manual processes and improve the overall experience of lending and borrowing.
We use an increase in the level of credit enhancement to improve creditworthiness. Through improved credit, lenders were given assurance that borrowers will honor these obligations through over-collateralization as an additional guarantee, guarantor of the local third-party insurance, and collateral FintruX ultimate protection of the reserve.

 Competitive Advantage
✔️ Ecosystem of Open-FintruX network partners with institution identifier such as identity, KYC/AML, credit scoring, credit, and payment models to give the creditor a wide choice to prosecute their loans.
✔️ The assessment of the reputation of the Decentralized-we provide a review of the decentralized platform for all participants to be built based on the contract smart Ethereum.
✔️ The token as a transaction fee – many still wear service agents upfront licensing fees, annual maintenance costs, and the cost adjustment per hour. FintruX chain will convinced them to charge the creditor to us based on transactions, in token FTX.
✔️ The ethereum decentralized blockchain technology-Blockchain Wireshark give the highest availability. This didesentralisasi and hashingnya give a very large security on identification and privacy. Smart contract is not prone to failures such as power outages, failure of nodes etc. There is no risk of misplaced or lost the contract because contract customers is stored on a great book that is distributed.
✔️ Many systems as the platform architecture-smart Contract gives transparency to the borrower and the lender. This is not ambiguous and the choices which are made visible in a user-friendly interface. Both sides can examine each contract on a detailed level and continue to monitor the ongoing performance of the
✔️ The development and dissemination of the code without instant smart contracts we wouldn’t be the handwritten code development platform into development without the code that allows all combinations of contract which may be shown as user interface to the borrower and the lender. The code generated with the latest technology and used in real time. Thus, human error is eliminated.
✔️ Reduction of risk unsecured are unprecedented credit-additional multilevel gives a risk reduction is unprecedented for unsecured loans so easily borrowed with interest rate reasonable. It is ideal in serving the underserved by opening the funds for small businesses who need it most, especially the newbies.

Benefit For Borrowers
✔️ Access to Affordable Credit-Market Model is innovative, online delivery, process automation, and consummation of credit allowing borrowers interest rates we offer are generally lower on average than the rates charged by the P2P lending loan other unsafe and traditional banks, not to mention credit card.
✔️Borrowing experience superior-we offer online application process is fast and easy to use and gives borrowers access to direct support and automation online during the process and for the financing. Our goal is to form long term relationships with borrowers, facilitating their access to a wide range of financial products that meet their needs that continue to evolve over time.
✔️ Branding opportunities-the lender can provide a transparent ratings and reviews on blockchain to specify trusted agents and borrowers in the ecosystem. With better rankings, borrowers can save the next loan interest rates. In addition, borrowers can take this opportunity to provide feedback that is not filtered to share their opinions and provide the basis of a comparison between the different creditors.
✔️ Transparency and fairness – every customer contract is written as a completely customizable smart contracts at blockchain. It’s safe, transparent, unchanged, and censorship-resistant. Historical data and expected
✔️ Lower transaction costs-as a result, because any smart contracts fully customized and simplified contract for each borrower, would be easier to understand and without ambiguity. No more “If … then … else” and the code is not necessary. A smaller program is causing a lower gas costs; Actually, it’s paid for by the FintruX Network.
✔️ Super fast and efficient funding-we utilize the online data and technology savvy to quickly match risks, credit ratings and unique parameters that have been determined by the lender in its decision to recommend the appropriate interest rate. Borrowers can evaluate options and directly adapted to the lender of their choice without affecting their credit rating.
✔️ Self-service-All available options such as refinance, prepayments, etc. can be done online in minutes, on all devices including mobile phones.

Benefits For Lenders
✔️ Access to Reduced Risk-Investing-consummation of credit that historically only available to large portfolio securitization funding now available for creditors in the network FintruX. By applying additional cascading losses, credit FintruX.
✔️ Superior Lending experience-we offer a fully automated application process and gives creditors access to direct support and online tools for the process and for the financing. Our goal is to form long term relationships with creditors, facilitate their risk free offer to their borrowers.
✔️ Branding opportunities-the borrower can provide transparent ratings and reviews about blockchain to form a trusted lender in the ecosystem. With better rankings, the creditor can build their brand and reputation. In addition, lenders can obtain access to a quality feedback and market research data to improve the services they provide to borrowers.
✔️ Access to a network of expertise-network of institutions such as identity fraud, appraisers, credit scoring and credit decisions.
✔️ Attractive returns-with have access to funding at lower risk and reduce costs associated with the management of financing, these savings become profit margins. So their decision table is selected and configured, automatic money machine can generate revenue while the borrower is spending time with their families.

There is no upfront cost to the lender-there is no license fee lump-sum, no additional fees, no maintenance fees, no support costs for a system; Actually, there is no upfront cost required. The only cost to the lender is cost-based and transactional costs of services that can be transferred to the borrower. Each financing managed by intelligent individual contracts are hard-wired and independent. This machine is basically a self-serving to the borrower; It saves manpower and time to service contracts of the borrower.

More satisfied customers-Self-service improves customer satisfaction. It’s fast, efficient, transparent and time-saving to serve them better borrowers. More satisfied customers could turn into more business.

Token FTX
FTX token is used to power the FintruX Network and serves as a means to reward or rewards for participating in the market.
Supply agencies, guarantors, and FintruX are all paid in Tokens FTX.
Request-borrowers and lenders pay a fee in order to use FTX transactional platform.
Accessible-no initial fee required for any participant in our platform.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 7-28 February 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token FTX 1500/1 ETH
Bonus 5%, 2.5%, 1.2%, 0.6%, 0%
The total supply of 100 million Token FTX

Nelson Lin Co-founder & CEO
Lin-Conrad Co-founder & CMO
Gary Ng-CTO
Aaron Xu-Front End Developer
Douglas Thiessen-Blockchain Developer
Philemon Selvaraj-Data Analyst
Brinden Anandakumar-Singapore Legal Consuel
Alixe Cormick-Canadian Legal Consuel

Elie Galam-Advisor
Hussein Hallak-Strategic Advisor
Abhijith Naraparaju-Blockchain Advisor
And Poh-Compliance Advisor

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