FiiiCHAIN Powering the Next Blockchain Frontier

Fiiicoin – The use of Blockchain technology has many advantages. More and more companies are showing interest in this area and prefer to deploy technology in their company structure. Today we are discussing Fiiicoin, which is trying to focus on various aspects of Blockchain.

What is Fiiicoin?
It is possible to talk about some electronic funds that are too difficult to use and do not target a broad target group. This project was launched by a team to solve the problem around Blockchain and create an affordable currency for everyone. The more people use and show interest in the world of e-currency, the better. Of course, it is important to know how easy it is to use electronic coins and focus on an important target group if they want to survive in the coming years. The community plays an important role in this area.
The goal is to bring this project to a higher level and make Fiiicoin an important pillar in the world of electronic money. Another important feature of this platform is the ability to connect to mobile phones. These mobile phones play an important role in the ecosystem of this project.

Finest Optimization Technology
Fiiicoin is developed on the basis of Fiiichain, fully autonomous developed block chain technology, supported by a unique consensual engine Dpoc (Proof of Capability).
Compatible with multiple terminals, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and all Fiiigroup terminals, Fiiichain Dpoc opens the door to unprecedented participation in the money market. Where almost all users with free memory or storage can participate in the scanning process.

Fiiicoin Network Architecture:
Fiicoin is a single ranking network that easily connects to multiple nodes to synchronize data on the same network. P2P means that the node connecting to the server has the same rights and communication capabilities as other nodes in the flat topology. It will also provide additional services for the routing system to improve the performance of a single rank network, and new nodes can easily access other nodes on the network. The Fiiicoin network contains a number of key sites around the world, and provides data synchronization services and helps new hosts quickly find other sites. Like BitTorrent, it also has a global tracking system, with all the active nodes and providing all the IP addresses for the newly attached nodes.

Fiiicoin for online Store:
Fiiicoin is not just an electronic wallet, the company offers you an easy way to make purchases on the internet and make online payments through Fiiipay. Their APIs are designed to integrate with any website and online store and provide you with an efficient way to send and receive. The payment system Bluetooth 4.0 Signaling Technology will be used to transfer user data. Fiiipos terminals will detect individual payment and process the request for payment.

FIIIEX Encryption Exchange:
FIIIEX is an electronic currency exchange that will allow users to trade e-currency online, as well as other current trading platforms. The only major difference is that it will work under Fiiigroup and support Fiiipay and fiiipos throughout the entire transaction. Their exchange will be associated with their application to check the latest price or exchange at the same time.

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