Fiancia – is a revolutionary trading platform and Crypto news channel tv. more than 3000 pairs of currencies crypto ready to be traded. at one place with friendly trading terminal and innovative investment strategies by the social networks. tv news special that explores Cryptocurrency to keep the audience with updating news in accordance with the real world happenings about technology Crypto Market and Blockchain.
A revolutionary Global Platform for trading where the copy is trade and investors can exchange currency Cryptocurrency online with transparent and fun way with how to use the social network investment strategy of the system copy of trading.
Special TV channel for currency Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency first News TV channels all over the world dedicated to news, debate by leaders of the cryptocurrency market. financial data on all currency pairs crypto. Blockchain technology news and decentralization are always updated 24 hours a day 7 days a week. and can be streamed directly in all satellite broadcast networks and devices.

Benefits for holders of token FIN

Packages for various FIN, token holder category packages will also be announced and to be implemented by the management of the Fiancia depends on the level of investment and coins FIN owned ole traders and investors in General. voices of the competitors will increase exposure among professionals and the fulfillment of long-term goals and objectives will be easily reached because of those aspects in General.
The advantage Leverages to the holder of the token FIN: Fiancia will also target the introduction of profit and the holder of the token FIN depending on their performance and their ability to stay afloat in the highly competitive environment of crypto. For the promotion of business and other aspects, in particular, to realize the unique aspects of the Fiancia to the same customers will be transmitted.
Some of the advantages for holders of the token Fiancia: regardless of the Intensive management benefits from fiancia will also provide to the holder of the token FiN variety Pack in terms of membership. discounts and its presence in social networks would increase the business function and long-term acceptance among all relevant stakeholders.

Why has technology Blockchain chosen?
Blockchain used is very important to be used in the management of transaction database based on considerable large digital books. It is a network that can be shared by all participants in a distributed computer in the network and managed. This is used to manage all transactions and keep a record of its link, is designed to exclude the needs of “trusted third parties”. Problems in blockchain the first solved is when the first transfer money without a trusted entity, so that people can interact each other and the second to do it faster or even immediately, and a third blockchain do with cheaper than the costs that must be paid to transactions through a third party, Blockchain uses a distributed database, applied in different locations, and information stored database continues to set .
The records in this database are really public and there is no centralized third party involved, any individual holding a copy of the book notes that can be synchronized, and all participants can see the same big book, it is done only if the recipient of the transaction, issue and broadcast deals which meant it. but this can only be done when the miners get and validate the transaction, Blockchain is a technology that allows the transfer of digital coins or assets from one individual to the other recipients. the only problem is the recipient should wait until it receives a copy of the transaction has been performed. and on the other hand, will benefit recipients because the two owners can’t mess with the same record at the same time saʿat.

because this will be a global platform for traders and investors, therefore the company will be able to provide a series of diverse opportunities to them so as to gain maximum benefit from existing cryptographic options in a comprehensive manner. Business Fiancia will be able to pocket the credibility, better exposure, as well as the trust of customers and long-term recognition among the public who took part in it, since the system copy and distribution of TV channels that are set by it allows Global investors to stay versed with the digital world. and the environment 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
These aspects will certainly enhance the mutual needs of mutual acceptance. integrity, corporate partnerships and the dissemination of value among the stakeholders concerned. the emergence of networking and the establishment of a group on that kind of trading system will enhance the sense of trust traders and investors and also help the majority of the stakeholders on behalf of the Fiancia to form and develop business and business associations so as to develop a rational and professional decisions can be nurtured by better again.

ICO Fiancia
Fiancia Ltd in general aim to offer coins FIN on the specified date March 1, 2018, in this case the company has been targeting only receive as much as 3.000 Ethereum at an early stage by publishing 6 million Tokens. Fiancia target funds amounted to 30.000 Ether to the development of the project.
Fiancia in accordance with the commitment and the deal will not accept contributions again after the hard cap of 30.000 Ether is reached. The company has been targeting the distribution of token FIN like 10% to stage Pre ICO, 75% is allocated to the main sales 11% allocated to founders, advisors and team members who are present therein, and in particular the 4% allocated to the rewards program will be covered under the process as above in a comprehensive manner. The company has been targeting 6 million stockpiles token FIN FIN in respect to Pre-ICO. pre-order Sale with detail as follows:

Pre-ICO program begins: March 1, 2018
End date: June 15, 2018
The Symbol Token: FIN
Minimum purchase: 0.1 Ethereum
The Price Of The FIN: Varies
Hard cap: 60 million FIN
With Bonus Sales provided

35% from 1 March until April 25, 2018
20% off on April 26, up to 05 may 2018
10% from 16 may until May 30, 2018
7% from 1 June until 15 June 2018


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