FCFL The Future of Sports is Fan Controlled

FCFL is a professional sports League is really designed for the digital age — put the fan controlling sports entertainment experience. Player personnel and real-time play calling decisions are all made by fans via mobile applications make the League, fans of coach and general manager to their team. Fans will not only viewers; Instead, they will become active contributors to the game they are watching. This is a shift in the transformation in the way sports fans engage and interact. This is the democratization of the sport, and it will be realized through the most innovative Sports League ever made, thanks to a decentralised technology.
Proposition of the FCFL is one of the more exciting proposition that ICO may appear due to search solely renewal, if nothing else.

Mangkir usual ICO focus on technology, the initial idea for the FCFL emerged from a proof-of-concept implemented in 2017 early that involves the formation of a Football League team (United) new Indoor, Salt Lake Eagle screaming, the tactical decisions both on and off the field is a direct result of input from fans via a voice applications.
This experiment seems to be so successful — and the media coverage it generated seems to back up the claim — that the team had been removed from the League by the owners now want to start completely Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL, name of the ICO that you back now to read about) — a League where each team one is managed directly by the team’s own fans.

Read the white paper suggested here, especially for those who have little familiarity with the American Football. In the first place, the FCFL is looking to create their own American Football League indoor to rival the IFL currently.
While the project will initially focus on American Football, it seems that the Project Lead here is already thinking further ahead.

Working with the assumption that the idea would be so popular that it would be quickly adapted to other sports, leading the project are gearing their vision against the token FAN became the center of the entire universe of interactive, controlled fans Sport.
Banking on the proposition that they themselves will be the only one around to offer commercial partnerships are needed and the infrastructure needed to develop a concept that they themselves will not be copycatted the trailblazer — managed by others, for example-the idea has attracted interesting enough that the team of advisors now includes executives from Sega, Disney, NFL (former COO of the San Francisco 49 ‘ ers, no less) and, from blockchain, a Gallic Benartzi, co-founder of Bancor.

The project is seeking to raise the kind of capital that will allow the rig to place indoor will host any new Football League match that he intends to create. The location of the place is still under discussion but it is Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City are cited to be among the leading contenders.

A special place, they explain, is needed because the special equipment production itself needed to optimize real-time viewing experience: overhead cameras that track the movement of each individual player, monitoring equipment rigged for the players themselves that allow information to be relayed between players and fans, along with a special studio to accommodate real-time commenting between hosts and fans.

The first season of the League will offer a prize of $1 million to the winner of the League. It will be distributed to the winning team and a subset of fans of the winning team. This subset of fans called leaderboardfans who ranked highest on the team leaderboard for the combination of the association with the most superior play and-significantly-FAN token holding. We have, then, a proposal that, if successful, could lead to some fans who have a good high profile that is suitable for the player himself.

For white papers, information on team occupies nearly one half of the contents-full biography is provided for each of the leading individuals involved in the project.
Their team seems to be taken from the long list of backgrounds who fully expected to be given a list of the same length skillsets that will be needed to attract a project with this kind of ambition: the figures are taken from the world of football coaching, media production, game and PR are all there. This is a white paper that has a team that, in addition to the concept itself, seems to be the greatest asset of the project.

The team’s been high profile marketing strategy. And with coverage from the likes of Washington Post, WSJ, Reuters, USA Today and Sports Illustrated, very hard to find a weakness here.
Traditional marketing is where most of the ICOs with the team a solid and promising ideas. It would be a surprise if something turns out to be the case here. If there are concerns prolonged, the former Coca-Cola Executive network staff who should be enough to eliminate them.

The first question that needs to be asked for a project like this: why blockchain based solution? It’s even relevant? The answers provided by the white paper is: mechanism of consensus. Blockchain with certainty, that no one can claim that the fan votes have been manipulated. That seems quite reasonable.

If the FAN became the center of a whole series of token-controlled sports fans, the potential rewards are enormous. Instructions white paper on all of its controlled economy supported by fans FAN token — requires purchase of FAN token to sponsors of real estate in the app, for example, seems a likely choice.
However, the project really need to elaborate on the details here to allow for those who want to adopt a more technical analysis of the long-term prospects of the project to bring the value of the token.

This is not a project that has no ambition. The project seems to have promise as indicated by the stage of the proof-of-concept. It is hard to find a weakness in relation to the team and with his ability to get the message out there.

The success of this effort is likely to boil down to two questions. First, the team will be able to run on an ambitious project that requires having the right person to follow up on a wide range of challenges they will always meet with?

Second, will sports fans take ideas in the same way that they seem to have done so during the proof-of-concept? The emergence of eSports — which is largely foreign to Europeans – seems to indicate that there is definitely a market for something like this. The usual proposition — an ambitious, America, out there, a bit unusual — but, it seems, something that could work out for the same reason.

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