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FCFL With so many tokenized platforms popping up in a few days but I am really impressed about this a lot.
Fan controlled Football League (FCFL) is a platform that puts fans love Soccer controlling their entertainment experience. Well it is very unfortunate that most sports lovers and fans just watch, but they don’t have the idea to not talking power over what happens in their favorite clubs. The managers decide who gets signed, how much was spent and so many other things and you have the option to continue to support or leaving the No. FCFL much different from conventional sports, with the power of technology the FCFL blockchain makes it possible for fans and sports lovers to do more in their clubs, you can become the Manager of your team. With this experience, you’ll not only viewers with conventional Football League but will be much more fun with the level of control you have access to. Could we mention this as an exercise of democracy on the field and off, and fans will even rewarded for their success with a share of the profits from the team.
Before I go deep inside the FCFL platform and how it works, I will quickly give you a brief description of Cryptocurrency and token for those who do not understand what and hows of these terms. You can skip this part if you already do.
I first heard of the Bitcoin in 2012 but I didn’t “get it.”
Terms such as decentralization, crypto trade, distributed and disintermediatipiqued my interest, but I lack a technical understanding really understand what I was looking at.
I started reading a bit more in 2015. However, only after a deep dive for the last 1 year and I feel like I’ve even begin to wrap my head around it.
Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that is similar to the currency used as the U.S. dollar or the United Kingdom Pound. However, unlike these currencies, cryptocurrencies didesentralisasi. There is no central Government to print more of them are out to cause inflation. In fact, the cryptocurrencies have been formulated to gradually decreases in production over time. Bitcoin, for example, will never have more than 21 million coins in the spread.
The token is a representation of the value, a sort of digital assets (dasset). Ethereum developers decided to standardize the process, and so ERC20 ‘ Token ‘ is created. Standards framework-contract contains a series of functions that allow publishing, distribution and monitoring of assets a formal, standard.
The standard token that allows for ease of interoperability between the DApps (decentralized application built on the public network Ethereum) and signs that were built by programmers.
On the FCFL, teams and fans got to compete with the price of a significant grand during the season. Players, managers and fans of the team that won the championship game will share the bag. The coach will get to share 50% while the remaining stock fans 50%. In addition, a certain percentage of the income of the League such as in-app purchases will be added to the prize pool, creating a strong Championship every season.

The format of the game
FCFL will provide non-stop football action in the game one hour format. League rules set will encourage fast and wide open style of play that reduce penalties and other cessation while eliminating special teams to deliver high-intensity play from beginning to end. The game is played on a 50-yard. Unlike traditional Football League, our players will be encouraged to display their talent on the field and their personality. They will not be fined for taking off their helmets and celebrate big plays. Accept the punishment, a touchdown celebration would be appreciated-the player with the celebration of the best of the week, as determined by fans, will receive a cash bonus. This more modern opportunity for expression engine will strengthen social media field with a 10-yard endzones and padded walls.
FCFL Token (FAN) will be released during the period of contribution. FCFL will sell the ERC-20 compatible Ethereum fan-based token. The purpose of the sale of the token is to provide discounted participation for early adopters of decentralized platform. To provide a functional lending market to such a distant, early adopters are required. By buying the FAN, early adopters receive a discount for using the decentralized lending platform. ICO has been structured for member
In addition the FAN tokens will be used for
Increased Coaching Power: Each team will have a FAN which will rank leaderboard token fans from top to bottom. Coaching power for each team will be distributed across the team’s respective leaderboard with the fans in the top spots having the greatest amount of influence, and the fans at the bottom having the least.
$1 million prize
Rewards and Prices
Play-Call Win Bonus
Funds raised through the sale of the token will be used the U.S. follows:
Core Development 25%
League & Team Infrastructure 30%
Operations & Advanced Technology 15%
PR, Marketing, Customer Acquisition & 15%
Professional Services 10%
5% contingency
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