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FASTINVEST –  is an innovative FinTech companies offers to its customers the opportunity to invest in consumer-based loans issued in the countries of Europe. All loans on the market Fast Invest is by Default and the Buyback Guarantee. Fast Invest strongly believe that now everyone should be given access to the investment world. This technology has been growing rapidly over the last few years, that lets money flow more smoothly, faster and more reliable. The Mission of the Fast Invest is to allow cross border investment for every European citizen. Fast Invest will achieve this by building a stable and secure platform for users who allow investing in various countries, the type of loan and Loan Originator. Fast users Invest can choose from a collection of loans registered, and invest in meeting someone with their preferences.

How the Platform works?
Someone asked a loan to the borrower’s loan. Prepare all necessary documents and fill out the form accordingly. Loan seekers check her credit rating, evaluating risks and giving loans.
Credit institutions provide loans provided for investment. A quick Investigation and compliance Department of credit risk of the credit agreement and agree to the terms put him on the list of Loans for investment.
The borrower’s monthly payment with the credit agreement and the terms of the payment schedule. Installment payments are divided proportionally in accordance with the amount invested in these loans for any Investor.
So the borrower of the loan you invest to pay off his loan, you will begin to receive payment of the amount of principal and interest for the period of the investment. The funds will automatically be transferred to account Invest Invest. You can reinvest these funds in loans available using tools Auto Invest.

What Fast Service Invest?
FastInvest provides access to investors and create a safe investment is simple and easily accessible to all people, who are interested in investing and how to generate innovative. Fast users Invest can select from a number of loans registered, and invest in meeting someone so that their preferences get interest rate to 14%.

They can offer better terms than traditional banks because Fast Invest exclude unnecessary middlemen from the process, so as to allow investors to save money which should be spent on commissions and the fee for the services of the other party.

Overall, FinTech (Financial Technology) companies more flexibility in the rates and operating costs than the traditional banking sector. FinTech companies operate in a diverse and experienced group of less cost than the traditional banking sector, so as to provide an opportunity to give a more significant results to the community.

How How I Invest In This Platform?
The loan in the list, you can manually filter out all loans listed, and select manually to suit your preferences determine: tribes, currency, amount, interest rate, and the origin of the loans.

Using Auto Invest, you can create a portfolio, determine the specific parameters (size of the portfolio, the maximum investment per lender, projected interest, time to maturity, etc.). After that, the system a. I Fast Invest will automatically choose the loans that meet the specified criteria and invest into funds available continuously. You can change the settings or stop at any time by visiting the portfolio list portfolio Auto Invest in your account.

You can check the investment portfolio you every moment of my investment in the page or checking Account Statement page for complete information regarding the transaction account.

There are 2 simple steps to consider: register an account, and ADD 2 funding (transfer of a minimum of 1 euro). When you have added the money to the accounts of investors, you can start investing. There are two ways to make investments with our platform-Manual or automatic
Investment Manual
To invest manually, see the list of loans, a loan that suits your search preferences, and select the amount you want to invest. Confirm your investment and see the money you work for you.
When building your own portfolio, please feel free to contact us with any questions-we’re here to help.

Automatic Investment
Fast Invest has made three different portfolio for you to use. By selecting it, you simply enter the desired amount for investment. Interest rate and the interest rate has been set. You can choose from BEGINNER, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPERT.
If you use the Custom option Auto Invest Investment Portfolio, they suggest to divide your investment several loans, to diversify the portfolio.

Auto Invest have some advantage over the investment manual. Using Auto Invest, you can save time and ensure a diversified portfolio. Specify the criteria that match the preferences you investments, and the system will automatically invest in new loans that appear on the platform on behalf of you.

How Are Sales Of Tokens (ICO)?

Fast token Invest is the key asset of the crypto community. To become a Premium Member, you must have a minimum of 1000 tokent. the first 1000 members will get a Special payment card. Only members of the account has access to the crypto every crypto products, presented their diwhitepaper. The community has a limited membership.

Fast Fast publish will Invest Invest token (FIT). FIT will be implemented on technology blockchain public etereum as a token ERC20. To make the contract that smart, they use the openZeppelin skeleton. As much as 777,000 token will be generated. Of that amount, as much as 50% of the generated token will go to crowdsale participants. Fast Token sales Invest will take place on 4th December 2017 10:00 p.m. London time and will be distributed until 31 January 2018 3:00 night.

Fast token ratio Invest is 1,000 FIT = 1 ETH. Ethereum only accepted as payment method during the ICO does not required a minimum investment. To support the development of our business, an address to send currency Ethereal (ETH) will be appointed.

Delivery of FIT of smart contracts will soon be done after ETH accepted. FIT will be traded and exchanged token after the sale ends. Fast Invest Plan FIT can be traded on the main stock exchange in June 2018.

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