FanFare – Crypto Token for Social Commerce Ecosystem

FanFare is an improved analog of Amazon or eBay, built on the basis of blockchain technology. The use of new features will allow manufacturers to interact directly with the consumer, without the presence of additional elements and intermediaries. The lack of intermediate components will allow both to reduce the costs of the producer and the final price for consumers, which brings the platform to a different level.

The system blocks are built to meet the needs of social trade. Functionality has been carefully thought out and designed to help brands and consumers interact more closely, simplifying brand-consumer relationships, so customer relationships can be extended based on Trust. Thanks to the transparency and safety of the technologies used, the ecosystem will be completely protected from Moshinnichestva and identity theft.

Unique features of Fanfare:
Users can upload and publish videos to Fanfare as on any social platform. Brands can use all uploaded videos to create the necessary content. With the help of platform capabilities, brands can make this content paid, which is a feature of Fanfare.

Video content authors receive custom rewards, and brands can use video data for promotional purposes and to increase sales. Also on the basis of available content, you can create your own library of video files and start your own media channel.

Road Map:
December 2016 – The creation of the Fanfare application begins.
May 2017-The Fanfare beta application is launched with 20 000 users.
August 2017 – Official launch of the Fanfare application.
October 2017-Fanfare application reaches 150 000 downloads.

Project objectives for the current year
January 2019-The main purse must be updated.
March 2019 – Full Fanfare purse.
June 2019-Wallet integration with Fanfare platform functionality.
3Q 2020-the readiness of its own storage Fanfare.

To work on this platform will be used internal token FAN, as a reward mechanism for content creators, brands, and consumers. All users of the ecosystem will be required to use the FAN token. To sell brand products, purchase content, and trade in the online store, to access websites to partner companies. To work with electronic stores will be used FanFare Electronics store.

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, the platform will be very competitive and perspective in comparison with the current trading platforms. The project is covered in a large number of mass media and is very well known. The presence of large investors, an experienced team of entrepreneurs and consultants and partners gives a good guarantee on the success of the project. By 2021, the project is very ambitious, but meanwhile, the real goal of reaching the volume of the media market 165.59 billion.

I would like to remind you that this review is only indicative. The fact that the project is liked by the author of the article, can not serve as a key point in making investment decisions. Before the implementation of any monetary activities oznakomties with the official documentation of the project, follow the links presented below.

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