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Faba LTD. Aims to strengthen entrepreneurial venture capital with blockchain technology. It aims to unite the economy of the traditional venture capital market with the world of crypto money and offer new opportunities to the project owners.

Faba token, the blockchain, aı, artificial intelligence, robotics, food technologies, biotechnology, medicine, ecology, and new inventions and exploration projects will support all kinds of brilliant project, especially. Faba’s goal is to become a global venture capital company. However, this goal aims to provide positive contributions to the environment, especially in projects that will support reaching.

What does Faba offer?
Sometimes the idea and objectives of a project can really change the world, but often there is not enough investment in a good project due to funding or attention deficit.
Having a great investment experience, FABA estimates which projects will be searched, which ideas can be implemented, and which will be profitable later. This is exactly what this project is going to do and it can be accessed by everyone, honest and decentralized.
Faba will use the existing Ico market to invest in projects, but not only to invest but also to fully support the project. Therefore, the main focus of Faba will be on projects that can bring positive changes in equipment, energy, Internet, production technologies, medicine and so on. In this way, investors will profit from guaranteed high-quality projects that will provide real benefits for each of them.
In order to minimize risks when investing, the company will use the portfolio diversification method. In other words, existing funds will be distributed and invested among several projects, so that if a project is bankrupt, the remainder of the profit is achieved.

Benefits of Faba Investors
Faba token holders will be able to access the profit distribution obtained from the sale of the companies ‘ shares and the dividend payments shall be made as ETH.
Faba also offers its owners the prospect of growth in the value of the Token itself, and as the number of projects increases, each token achieves more potential profits than the sale of its shares.
Token Information and ICF:
The Token itself is based on Ethereum, and the total number of available tokens is 160 million, but only 80 million tokens will be sold and non-sold tokens will be burned.

Website: https://vc.fabainvest.com
WhitePaper: https://www.faba-white-paper.com/FABA.pdf
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