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Faba – For a long time, everyone is hearing such a concept as ICO, it is banned regulators, they are sued, ICO earns and loses crazy money. ICO has become a new type of fundraising to finance projects, now anyone can raise money for their project from those willing to support his idea, instead of which investors later get profit from their investments, the important point is that this market is open For a standard user, previously to similar markets access had only qualified investors and the benefit was accordingly extracted only by them.

When ICO appeared significantly expanded the market of its participants, the new projects involved just huge money, the number of willing to invest exceeded all reasonable limits, but as it turned out later most projects just collected money And the whole story ended, the money was lost, and the belief in the investment market was lost.

To change this situation, FABA will offer a unique approach to investing, a real venture company that invests in investing can use its experience in the ICO market literally for the benefit of everyone.

What FABA offers
The market for startups is very saturated, sometimes the ideas and objectives of the project can literally change the world, but because of lack of funding or attention to the project, it is still an idea, but it happens and vice versa, when the idea written on paper and laid out on the site is Billions of dollars, such a situation does not carry anything good either for investors or for technological development.

Having a huge experience of investing FABA knows on what projects it is necessary to pay attention, what idea can be embodied in the life and from which in the consequence will be received profit. It is this project that will address, but not in the traditional form accessible to a limited range of persons, but in a form that corresponds to all the ideals of the world of cryptocurrency-accessibility, honesty, decentralization and the most important utility.

FABA will use the available ICO market to invest in projects, but not only investing but also every project maintenance on the way of its formation. The main goal of the project will be not only investment for profit, but also investment for the sake of benefit. So the main focus of FABA will be focused on projects that can bring positive changes in technology, energy, the Internet, manufacturing technology, medicine, etc. Thus, investors will make a profit from guaranteed quality projects, which at the same time also bring real benefits for each of us.

FABA Future changes start today
FABA investing and supporting significant projects has a significant impact on technology and progress in general, as acquired by the company’s experience suggests that after investing in the project should give the company time to develop, which would then Sell stocks at the maximum level, according to the FABA estimate on average it takes 4 to 8 years.

To minimize the risks of investing, the company will use the portfolio diversification method, i.e. the available funds will be distributed among several projects and invested in them, thus if one project burns, the rest or Zero or give a profit.

FABA Benefits for investors
FABA token holders will have access to the distribution of profits from the sale of shares of companies, the payment of dividends will be held in ETH. Another token FABA offers its holders a perspective of the value growth of the token itself and as the number of projects will increase by each token will account for more potential profit from the sale of their shares.

FABA token
The platform token will be very important for investing by giving the community the right to vote, FABA gives it the opportunity to choose which project the community believes you need to invest in. It will look like this, users with more than 2,000 tokens * * FABA * * will be able to vote for the need to invest in the projector to withhold from these actions, if 10% of all tokens supported the idea of investing, means FABA Begins the process of financing and supporting the project, and the community will subsequently profit from these actions. The token is released on the basis of Ethereum, the total number of available coins equals 160 million, but for sale will be available only 80 million tokens, unsold tokens will be burnt.

To buy a project token at the moment you can take part in ICO which conducts itself FABA to collect funds necessary for launching the platform. ICO will take 1 year, it began to 06.06.2018 and end 30.06.2019. At the start of sales one project token was estimated at $1 but by the end of the fundraising campaign it will be evaluated already in $1.3

FABA plans for the future
The project started in 2018, when the first stage of its financing began, but as it is supposed to be a serious project, it has clear plans for its further development, not a simple road map of the project marked up to 2027 year. Plans for the near future include the completion of ICO in the second quarter of the 2019 year and in the third we will see a project token on the exchange and an application from FABA.

Project Team
The team of the project is represented by specialists with extensive experience of the huge baggage of necessary knowledge, with a great desire to make a good and quality product useful for each of us.

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