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https://ezmarket.io Everyone will need a new market with the blockchain system. And this is a market that is in the project named EZmarket. In this project there are several advantages that should be in the know that is by applying global markets and services in the project, namely a digital asset trading. Everything that you can buy and sell with the use of the internet with the main focus of this project is the payment. so in this project will take over a very complicated transaction when we want to buy the software and other items that normally have to use brokers or third parties such as palpay or credit card it is very complicated with  is great anyway. So it will be a solution in the global market.

The main goal of this project is to create a market that is easy and simple for the user. so by simply using EZmarket you don’t need to provide a lot of personal information, there is not a credit card, no bank account number or your paypal account, the only thing needed is the address cyptocurrency as Bitcoin or Ethereum This way only requires a small fee system unlike most brokers require a little unnecessary expense.

While the benefits of EZmarket is the cost of each product sold will be at share on the whole appropriate investors sham that they hold. And the company also holds persentrase shares so that we will also be handing out benefits.

EZMarket, EZMarket is a clever solution to a highly trusted online marketplace.
EZMarket we call it Easy Marketplace. The first digital market based on blockchain technology. We want to create a marketplace where you can buy or sell all assets for the development of the project (the script code, templates, plugins, images) and the easiest way. Payment will be very quick, simple and secure crypto with currencies.

The sale Will take place at the Token!
November 25, 2017
The average price at this time, 1 ETH = 1200 EZM

Everything works most easily with EZMarket:
EZMarket is decentralised application built on the Ethereal blockade. It has no centralized authority. Do not require an intermediary to function or manage user information. There is no central point of failure, it cannot be closed, our stuff is available at any time.
EZMarket with, you can buy items with a few clicks. Smart contract is the bridge on blockchain to connect buyers and sellers. The transaction was settled in a way that is not secure and automatic.
We use a distributed database at blockchain, and the technology of caching to speed up your application. All operations quickly, safely and immediately synchronized
Low cost
Smart contracts save you money because we have crippled the presence of intermediaries. You do not need to pay a notary to witness your transactions
Payments are made by smart contracts, so it’s totally anonymous. Users do not need to provide any personal information. It keeps you away from any kind of leakage or attack.

The Holder Of The Token:
The company will take a charge over the assets sold. This income will be shared to all holders of the token. EZM token can also be traded on multiple exchanges (HitBTC, EtherDelta, Cryptopia)

Sale Token:
Token Distribution

Token name: EZMarket
Token symbols: EZM
Start date: October 14, 2017
End date 25 November 2017
Max cap: 150 million EZM
Receive currency: ETH
Price of 1 ETH = 1,000 EZM

Road Map

Week 1 + 30%
Week 2 + 25%
Week 3 + 20%
Week 4 + 15%
Week 5 + 10%

The allocation of funds and the distribution of tokens:

More Informations: 

More Informations:
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