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Excaliburos – Good time of the day ladies and gentlemen! Today we have another announcement of the project on the agenda? You can say yes, and you can not say, it all depends on who as will perceive the word “regular “. though… We can not use this word at all or replace it with a more appropriate review-unique, unprecedented, stunning. In fact, you can write a lot about the super-abilities of this project, but we will not. We will take a simple and analyze all the shelves, where you can understand that Excaliburos is not just an operating system, it is an extraordinary approach to solving the urgent problem!

I believe you all know what the operating system is. In fact, this is all that makes from your personal computer or any other gadget smart helper, who is always ready to help you. Who will provide information from the Internet, edit documents or give the opportunity to watch a movie or photos, of course, the OS, without it, it would be somehow problematic.

Have you ever been in your unit? And what do you say about this topic? Often anti-virus after the end of the next update your unwatched miner in quarantine? I believe that this question was met by every and not two times.
And finally, we have got to the most main, presentation operating system Excaliburos, which is based on blockchain technologies. This OS is fast, modern, safe and with the support of mining included.
In case you suddenly do not burn it to test, after reading a few paragraphs below, I bet your performance will change!

Excaliburos is a unique OS with such a miracle supplement as mining.
You just imagine that all devices move on this OS. You have watched some interesting video, answered an important call, wrote a letter in the mail, etc., all the remaining free time your gadget will be busy with the extraction of cryptocurrency. While it is not so that the smoke is a pillar of the CPU, but laconic and self!
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Excaliburos is a universal OS for both PC and mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch! I can also say that if you have not previously had support for the game from the smartphone Apple on your PC or Android-applications on your iPhone, then after installing Excaliburos you can easily throw it all out of your head! From now on you have one environment with the function of launching absolutely any application from an existing OS. And even with all-known Linux!

What else is the uniqueness of this feature? For the complete comfort of your Excaliburos developers have given the OS the ability to tighten the interface, which you are more accustomed to using your gadget. So, fortunately, conservatives, get used to the new interface is not betrayed. In the rangefinder, you have the ability to easily adjust everything by simply moving the interface components across the screen.

In case you previously used other lounges for Android, here you will be where to turn around. Everything in this OS is configurable, optimized, moved. If you do not want to use the novelties, you always have the opportunity to use the interface that you had originally. So to speak, everything for the people!

Viruses and hackers in the life of Excaliburos.
1. It is a blockchain, which in principle is very difficult to intercept something. and to be precise-it is absolutely impossible if you do not allow it, downloading the program with some root-rights. Viruses will still have to adapt to the new environment because it takes time, and developers are able to use this time with benefit. While the viruses will adapt the system of protection Excaliburos will improve. This way it will always be a step ahead.
I believe that quite deployed described to you the primary picture of all the advantages of the Excaliburos system. Detailed information of the tangent of this project you can read only after clicking on the links that are located at the end of our article.

ICO and the project token.
What XOS tokens provide, and why they need to be purchased just today on the ICO project.
1. You will have access to the early announcement platform and all the possibilities to test all functions before others.
2. You will be able to receive constant support from the developers, will be able to test the experimental modules that will increase the productivity of the system even better.
If in a nutshell, it’s worth it. The cost of 1 XOS at any stage of ICO will equal 0.01 USD. On different periods-different buns in the direction of reduction. All the information you are interested in sees directly on the site of the project.

All issued tokens and collected funds will be distributed in this way:
If you have not yet understood the tone of this article I really like Excaliburos. This is a really fresh and necessary concept that I have not seen before. Although I love originality very much!
Excaliburos is a time-demanded project. While other giants fight for the share of the economic market-we has an innovative component that will only rise with the spread of cryptocurrency.

Website: https://excaliburos.com
Whitepaper: http://excaliburos.com/whitepaper/Excalibur-OS-whitepaperv1.1.pdf
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Telegram: https://t.me/excaliburico
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