EveryCoin ( Aaron ) – Platform A new Decentralized Financial Platform

EveryCoin – Greetings to all subscribers and readers of my blog! Today I want to tell you about an interesting blockchain project in the Financial field-Everycoin! The main task of which is to spread the easy and affordable absolutely all financial services. Let’s dwell on the idea of the project and study it in more detail. In the modern world almost every person in a developed country has a bank account or a bank card with which he can make the necessary transactions, payments, transfers, currency exchange and nowadays it is considered an absolute norm in many countries Such banking services appeared long ago and has become an absolute norm for residents.

But there is also a large number of not so developed countries where such services are not available to people. As for example in Indonesia, I remind you that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with more than 230 million inhabitants. In this country, the bank account has only 36% of the population, 26% has a bank card, and 9% pay for its purchases. There are quite a lot of people without banking services in this country and they cannot get it by different

Reasons, such as lack of funds for account maintenance or bank refusal. Similar problems have been observed in Peru, the Philippines, South Africa, and Colombia. The problem is quite acute and the project Everycoin and the platform on which it operates Aaron platform.

Aaron platform is a whole ecosystem of financial services including its own blockchain, currency, exchange, purse, Dapp, API, and SDK. Let’s take a closer look at these tools.
The blockchain of the project consists of several parts: Everycoin mainchain is the main element, Tabipay Sidechain, Ecochain-as we see that would improve the quality of service and increase the speed of transactions Aaron platform uses a complex of blockchain Allowing to speed up processes within the network and allow to reach speed 30.000 TPS.

EveryCoin The currency operating within the network is Everycoin (EYC) b but also there is own stable coin tabipay with the course of 1:1 to the Thai baht. Aaron Exchange will allow you to exchange cryptocurrency as well as fiat money among themselves, and Aaron wallet reliably saves your savings with a powerful security system.
In the next article, I will describe in detail what is tabipay and why he can change your attitude to cryptocurrency and reconsider his views on the banking system.
Right now Everycoin is going ICO where anyone can participate, ICO will last until December 25, 2018, so you have enough time to study the project, read the whitepaper and make a decision to invest. You can participate in the project by going to the project site or on the famous Exchange Latoken: https://wallet.latoken.com/market/ICO/ETH/EYC-ETH after having passed the KYC procedures.
The project is very promising, the number of fees already decent, announced partnerships and listings on Idax and Bitonbay, as well as on the exchange of Thailand and Mongolia.

A few digits of ICO:
Ticker: EYC/Token Type: ERC-20
Total Tokens Released: 88 800 000 000
Purpose of the collection: 246 100 ETH
Token distribution:
Everycoin Miner: 40%
Token Sale: 40%
Company (frozen for 1 year): 9%
Team: 6%
Adjuvers: 3%
Bounty: 2%

Website : https://www.everycoin.io
Blog : http://blog.everycoin.io
Whitepaper : https://www.everycoin.io/pdf/Aaron%20Platform_Whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AaronJin20
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aaron.jin.5895
Telegram : https://t.me/aaron_platform

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