EverID – Unlocking Opportunity With Identity

Everid has built a decentralized digital identity system to store and validate the user’s data, documentation, and biometric data. The platform is available for all people. It does not require the connection of a mobile device, is encrypted to protect the privacy of users and is compatible with other systems. Institutions, corporations, and government organizations can effectively, cheaply and quickly authenticate the user on a scale. The cost can then be reliably transferred to the correct recipient with reduced transaction costs, fewer leakage losses, and innovation in service and cost transfer.

Ability to unlock with personality
Everid is a decentralized platform for a new economy that includes scalable payment solution with multi purse and digital + biometric identity.

Asian Development Bank
Failure to prove identity is the single most significant obstacle to economic integration. Banks, governments, NGOs, hospitals, businesses, and users require an identity check, a purse, and a transaction system to exchange value.

Random ID usage Cases
Bank transfer
100% validation of money sent biometrically to trusted users.

Money transfer
Easy, economical way for banks to offer money transfer services. Manage documents hosted in the cloud or device, tracking health care for all.
A complete solution to lend money to billions of people and SMEs. Manage documents hosted in the cloud or device, tracking health care for all.
Verify ID
Manage documents hosted in the cloud or device, tracking health care for all. Collect documents, sign biometric signs to serve billions of users with or without devices.
Banking services
Without a verifiable identity, a person cannot gain access to banking services to obtain value or credit, hampering economic development. Everid is the only platform in the world that has no access to devices based on global access. By using digital IDs, digital wallets, document management, and biometrics, users can digitally test their identity for public services and claim their social and economic rights.
Incorrect device authentication
Registering peers using biometric data allows anyone who wants to enroll on the platform without the need for a device.
Seamless value Transfer
By checking the identity with an accuracy of 100%, Everid reduces the cost of leakage, fraud, friction, verification, and access to data.
General Financial Inclusion
Creating global access to existing financial services opens up the 20 trillion dollar economy of emerging markets.
Individual empowerment
Everid allows users to fully control their data and provides access to formal economic systems.
Economic growth
Unprecedented authentication will give more than 4 billion people and create an economic opportunity of 40 trillion dollars.
The Everid project was created with two distinct sections. This is done in order to protect all user identification data and keep free access to the user and continue it forever.

Identity Network Foundation
Identity Network (IN) is a non-profit, managed network of identification and transfer of values for the common good of the planet. Human information cannot be.
Everid: A platform for decentralized identification Everid Dapp is a mobile decentralized application that gives the user the ability to record, update, store, and transmit a value. Peer agents can
Network ecosystem
Identifiers are a utility token that provides access to the identity network and each value exchange in the economy. Accepting payments is always free in the system, but users need to put 1-100 IDs in their purse if they want to send payments. As with all large systems, higher levels of data, complexity, visibility, and orientation require a larger share, up to 250 000 IDs. Institutions need to call different numbers of IDs to obtain access levels and additional identifiers for market-oriented applications.

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