European Crypto Bank will start Trading and Exchange Platform in London (United Kingdom). Although Brexit, London remains a major financial center in the European Landscape, Centre for research and innovation the ECB will be based in Paris (France) for reasons of public funding France (subventions). Global Tax Department will be located in Milan (Italy). Access to Market ICO can provide a unique opportunity to realize investment projects that are ambitious and measurable. The Fund will be managed by a team of finance and Compliant, to offer the quality of follow-up, Tax Advisory, the anticipation of Risks with IT for Anti-money laundering (AML), KYC, Wealth and Asset Management.

The key issue for investors is how the crypto portfolio change them into traditional assets, all while facing the bank system really does seem hostile and unfriendly, towards Crypto EcoSphere.
The ECB is determined to respond to the great problems of this right, by offering a platform for the exchange of foreign currency that is secure, using software KYC and AML (used for 9 years in Wealth Management Business we, with offers tax reporting for the domestic National tax receipt services: France, Italy, Germany).

With the ECB, anyone in the world should be proud of making money on the Crypto Exchange. We believe that we have a place in the world with a revolutionary offer Crypto, Crypto as Private Bank with all the services should be provided by traditional private banks.
This is the initial business plan from the European Crypto Bank (ECB, a company registered and established in London in July 2014, with partnership Forgues Gestion SAS, a company that was founded in Paris in April 2009 and Woospeak Italy founded in Milan in July 2015. This new plan starts from the year 2018, and accidentally formatted as Deck Pitch because of the first stage business planning project.

In the case of the token is successful, our research laboratories will be located in Paris and the Department of Tax Relief will be located in Milan, while the platforms and Exchanges will take place in London. The main Operations Center will also be passed in London. European Crypto Bank Limited Gestion Forgues, France, and Italy will join Woospeak in one pan European companies only. Welcome to the new financial area, we change our world into something new, clean and safe for all European citizens.

Exchange trading and leveraged services on cryptocurrencies and FIAT.
Financial analysis & Cryptocurrencies advice on by a team of analysts and AI.
I.A. reporting of AML Compliance and tax: & Robots Compliances for all account opening and KYC, used by the ECB and could be used in the future on the basis of the license contract by the Financial Industry and other Exchange platform.
Tax Advisory and I.A. Man Tim tax attorney will advise and represent our clients throughout Europe (Tax Consultancy and Juridical Assistance in the case of Tax Litigation).
Advisor Robot capable of understanding human and immediately responded with an efficient best attitude, emotional and appropriate, as an advisor to the human being.
Our target: becoming the Bank fully regulated, Crypto for 4 years in Indonesia
Europe, by creating gateways between the owner of the crypto and currency all traditional assets (stocks, bonds, commodities, Real Estate) 1803 Altitude PointUK: + 44 (0) 747

The Story Of The ECB
In 2008, Olivier Forgues (ECB President) faced Money Laundering Affair and large-scale Tax Evasion, organized by UBS in France and then throughout Europe and the United States. As a former employee, since he wanted to take the time, to apply the regulatory compliance and diligence, KYC applicable, in accordance with the list of financial risk set by BankEropa.

European Crypto Bank (ECB) is the culmination of 10 years of work and knowledge of financial markets, financial analysis and research. It also means rapprochement 2 company: GESTION FORGUES and WOOSPEAK and 2 people: Olivier FORGUES and Mikael MISARD, as well as a team of financial experts, legal, IT and experts.

This transparency
Transparency appears in the attached video, encourage Olivier FORGUES to work and develop some of the protection tools, to manage risks and definitive assertions about taxes. Cobalt was created in 2009: screener tool to analyze and manage financial risk, compliance, and KYC.
This company makes a risk estimation, their anticipation, and prediction scenarios, so to optimize the efficiency of investment

After 10 years of experimenting in a centralized and Regulated Markets, Olivier FORGUES eventually wants to bring a new dimension on financial investments, liberalization, and decentralization by utilizing the market Cryptocurrency, while keeping the rules, protection and safety regulations, thanks to Know How valuable.

What will we offer are:
How to make money in the market Cryptocurrency, using a secure Trading platform and Exchange takes care of the internal revenue service in your country and change Your crypto to all traditional assets, without any risk of suspicion against the Money Laundering (AML Technology).

Interest in the ECB
Platform and services “beta “, so far has been very much, and have inspired us to expand the number of products available,
services and features, so as to extend the team, improve Quality Control, introduce
Customer Service Department, and pursue the development of faster speed
up by a thorough strategic planning.

Until recently the ECB Project is not just a new project, is based on the interesting business of Industrial assets and Wealth against the Crypto Industry and Block the Chain, with the level of knowledge of financial markets and a high level of his volatility

The idea of Cryptocurrencies is relatively new, whereas the Market represented by Crypto is limited to a small community of people, who have a special interest towards this technology.
The number of Cryptocurrency related services offered currently on the market is rather wide and the evolution continues. Entry Level users, navigating in that kind of diversity is difficult enough: IE. defines the high-quality service from a low, find out how it works, and how to harness the opportunities presented by the Market Cryptocurrency.

All the above mentioned we believe that it can be the biggest challenge for business growth Cryptocurrency
The main problem, to achieve adhesion mass, is confidence in the market for Crypto.
People want to invest in a market that is safe and confident, are advised properly and get feedback about their financial situation and their fiscal territory.

We aim to provide products and services Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to the community, by providing a stop solution that is easy to use, suitable for individuals and businesses, regardless of their experience level, by complying with the Legal Tax laws in their own countries. and by avoiding cases of money laundering.

With the application of Robot Advisors (AI) and by offering complete research about Currency Crypto, we think we offer a great service and complete.
For investors, including training guides for all beginners in their own mother language, (France, United Kingdom, Italy and then Germany, Spain; and Portuguese will follow).

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