EUREKA – The Next-Generation Open Science Platform – Powered by Blockchain

EUREKA – The science segment is developing rapidly, and it is also constantly in need of new technologies that can significantly empower people. The decentralized EUREKA platform is an open-type project based on blockchain technology. It is here that people can freely publish various scientific articles and sell them. Other users will be able not only to buy content but also to form its rating. Qualitatively written work allows you to expect to receive a solid reward.

What is the purpose of the EUREKA platform developers? They want to introduce decentralization technologies into science. Today the publication of scientific works and their adequate assessment are the main problems faced by the representatives of the science segment. The launch of the decentralized EUREKA platform will significantly improve the existing situation. The system, which allows to transparently evaluate scientific works and encourage their authors, will allow the decentralized platform EUREKA to become really popular and in demand. The copyright-another problem that allows you to solve the project EUREKA. Each article is reliably protected against fraud, data on the content is recorded in the blockchain. Now not only simple reviewers will be able to quickly evaluate new scientific works, each person who will take advantage of the features of the project EUREKA, get access to new works and will be able to evaluate them.

What are the features of the decentralized platform EUREKA
Publication of scientific works is often connected with a number of different problems, they will try to solve EUREKA developers Authors will no longer have to wait too long for their work to be published. The decentralized EUREKA platform allows to publish all necessary information as quickly as possible Researchers and reviewers will no longer be able to influence the work of authors. This approach allows solving multiple problems-the authors of scientific texts will be able to fully focus on providing people with quality and Interesting content;

Often the funds are unfairly distributed among the participants of such projects. But the developers of the decentralized platform EUREKA have created a rating system that allows you to correctly evaluate all the work. Moderate fee and speed of performance of the set tasks-the main trumps of decentralized platform EUREKA. Any manipulation of the content will be done only through intelligent contracts, which allows you to reliably protect EUREKA users from fraud.

The algorithm of operation of decentralized platform EUREKA
Here everything is built quite simply, but very effectively:
1. Each author can offer his article. It will be posted to EUREKA as quickly as possible, and all data is recorded in the blockchain to protect copyrights.
2. To become a reviewer is not so simple-it will require information that allows confirming the competence of the person. Only after the review, the reviewers can begin the evaluation of the works. This approach helps protect authors from unfair assessments.
3. After the work receives a huge number of evaluations, the system determines its value to society. If the work is written by unprofessional reviewers confirm this and the system deletes it.
4. any Quality article will immediately be published in a special magazine. That will allow EUREKA users to quickly read the necessary content.
5.need for EUREKA Tokens
Why you need the internal currency of the project:
Reviewers receive their fees for viewing and evaluating multiple articles;
The authors of the publication will also be able to monetize their own efforts;
Payment for basic platform services.

The decentralized EUREKA platform is a really high-quality and promising project. In today’s world, scientists need platforms that allow you to publish work quickly and securely. In this case, the rating system is built in such a way that the reviewers were exceptionally qualified specialists. Such approach allows establishing qualitative work of decentralized platform EUREKA.


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