ETHernitymining First Self Sustainable and Expandable Mining Project 100% Operating on Green Energy

ETHernitymining is the first project that provides batch mining hardware through the sale of the token. ETHernitymining managed to close the deal with a hardware vendor that can Customize up to 30% in the mining of extra hardware. With this agreement, we can contribute up to 30% of mining devices with the same investment amount. 

Basic information about the token ETM

 Ticker: ETM
 Ethereum Platform:
 the Token Type: ERC20
 available for sale: 120 million ETM
 price: 1 ETM = 0.20 USD
 receive: ETH
 the Soft cap: 2.5 million USD
 the Hard cap: 21 million USD

ETHernitymining combine the purchase of bulk group with our green energy, the concept of renewable energy to provide the most advantageous card holder. The mining projects with integrated smart contracts. ETHernitymining does not run a business like a cloud mining. The purchased hardware attached directly to the token.

A smart deal we will distribute the weekly operating profit directly to personal wallet card holder. No need to register, buy a contract mining, fear of compromised, lost password. As long as you save the token, you will receive the weekly earnings directly into your wallet.
ETHernitymining will only use 100% renewable energy sources outside the grid or 90% of the grid powered by renewable sources. Our core facilities will be the network facilities in South Africa. 91% of this energy is supplied by renewable sources.

We have a team of local prospects all over the world who are looking for opportunities to set up new facilities. We have solutions for every setting. Installation of large scale, small setting. We can fully customize our base based on the provided location.

In addition to exerting direct facilities in a green power plant, we also have the concept of “Hiring your source “. There are many households and companies providing their own renewable energy.
Depending on their location, they can provide resources “extra’s” that are generated for the local network and receive $0.03 to $0.04. We will provide our customers 20% more than that offered by the network provider.
In some cases, the use of renewable energy for their low monthly to receive certificates and bonuses. We provide customers with the power. We will put up a rig that will be using the energy required to qualify for a ‘ green certificates and bonuses. On top of that, we will pay the customer the money he will get from the network provider to distribute it to the network.

ETHernitymining has closed the deal with a hardware vendor that can discount up to 30% to our purchase is appreciated on the rig are exploited. Our customers will receive up to 30% of their production capacity at no extra cost.
There are no payments through the investment platform, there are no withdrawal requests, no longer have to wait for your money. No more scary background being attacked or frightened when involved in a Ponzi platform. All of our weekly money transfer will automatically be done by smart ETHernitymining contract.
Smart deals we provide a refund directly to your wallet. Buy and sell shares of the hardware directly exploited. Committed to any exchange of the ETM can trade and you can sell and buy a mining stock immediately.

Compared with other mining services, we provide more lucrative opportunities. Our hardware agreement gives the cardholder an extra access to 30%. With our combined system, we managed to increase the capacity of mining and pay 2-3% per month.
You are free to join or leave our mining opportunities. Our ownership over mining stocks associated with our ETM card. Our members are not bound by a fixed contract length. If you really need to dilute or just want to throw our mining projects, just sell your card on the trading floor.

ETHernitymining creates a cryptographic environment more stable or less stable for the token we grow stronger. Tag ETM is directly connected to the hardware will increase the value of mining and similar to our capacity. In addition to the value of speculative on ETM, there will also be a value that is related to the total value of our mining device. In this way, investors will have a stable investment.
Starts 2019, we will apply for our acquisition warrants. If the market price on the trading floor of the public did not reach the true value of the token, then we will give you the opportunity to redeem the value of the current credit card is determined by the sum of all the values of the ETHernitymining mining Facilities.

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