Ethereum Classic Vision – Hard fork of Ethereum That Leverages the Best of Both WorldS

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is a new cryptocurrency, which intends to overcome this gap between expectations and reality. As a hard-rock Ethereum, the system will use the most advanced solutions offered for the world’s second-largest digital currency, while maintaining the idea of decentralization. The project will combine such technologies as sharding, P2P assets Exchange, DAPP development tools and decentralized file storage using IPFs. Starting with the PoW-based system, it will later offer stable rewards for validators transactions through the implementation of Proof-of-Stake, while at the same time creating an optimal environment for creating new assets.

Ethereum is the world’s leading platform for the development and creation of block applications-now in deep crisis. Many solutions have been proposed, but none of them have been implemented so far and the current course of Ethereum leadership does not inspire much optimism in the future. Solving existing problems will take years, and solutions can lead to even greater problems in the future.

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is an advanced, fast, easy-to-scale and highly decentralized system, and Proof-of-Stac clearly does not meet these goals. Thus, after the initial period, when the platform will use PoW, will be switched to PoS. Unlike Ethereum, which is likely to undergo a lengthy phase of partial testing (with a single block of 100 Using PoS), ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION will perform a more decisive and confident transition. The team firmly believes that the introduction of revolutionary updates in extremely limited form can only destabilize the network, prolong the problems, create disagreements and eventually make a complete transition impossible.

The goal of ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is to solve the major problems facing ETHEREUM, including scaling, the inefficiency of mining and the high cost of data storage.

ETCV’s tokens will be distributed free of charge to ETH owners on January 11, 2019. Over the next few months ETCV will be included in the number of major cryptocurrency exchanges (currently the project team is negotiating with several of them) and will be launched in its development environment Dapp, where startups blockchain will be able to create and Deploy new services by adding their assets to a specially created P2P-Exchange-Vision DEX.


Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19
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