Ethereum Classic Vision combines all three features that a truly successful blockchain

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ETCV-This project will combine three special functions, which should have a real blockchain in the world of the crypto industry and blockchain technology. It:
These aspects offer huge advantages than Ethereum, Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency.
A little bit about ETCV.
POS-Every self-respecting person in the world of mining knows that it is an efficient and safe, and most importantly a profitable extractive protocol, which is the key and will keep the network fully decentralized.
No Rental Storage fee-minimum lease when starting a smart contract agreement will charge a minimum one-time fee. And a small bonus, that contract that will not be used will go away in a state of rest.
ETCV-can process 25,000 + transactions per second than 25 in ETH.
IPFs Integration-well it’s cheap decentralized storage of your files.
Fair Rewards-the most important component, it is a fair and fair reward, all the miners will not need to worry that the reward will be reduced. In the system, ETCV-miner and trader will be carefully balanced.
 This means that there will be low cost, that is, ETCV mining will be profitable for individual miners even with simple PP equipment (Raspberry PI) all ETCV holders-will earn more coins by holding them, and therefore ETCV will constantly grow and will demand., if the validator block violates the rule or abuses, they immediately lose their deposit and status This is the most important plus because mining companies can take control, but it will be different, namely, ETCV-will is independent of different central companies, etc.
Generally took ETCV? 
Here’s the answer:
We all heard the news that the ETH Classic closes the project because of funding shortfalls and so it was decided to make a fork and here appeared the coin Ethereum Classic Vision.
So, why should you stop mine Ethereum and go to Ethereum Classic Vision?
We all know that ETH has become difficult to extract because of the huge complexity because the code snippet reduces the efficiency of the production of new blocks. The reward for miners will be reduced and will be introduced rent for smart contracts, naturally, it is no longer profitable for us. Also, the mountain pools will require more and more energy and individual extraction does not make sense at all. And so you should choose Ethereum Classic Vision-everything is simple! The above description.

Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19
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