ETHEAL-Health And Ecosystem Of Trusted

ETHEAL– This article describes the challenges facing the healthcare industry today, a solution what and how Etheal tried to build a symbiotic ecosystem that is not only beneficial for patients and doctors but also brings confidence to the system are lost. in ecosystem health today.

Problems in the healthcare industry at the moment:
For Patients:

+ Health care costs are rising rapidly.
+ Find a service provider that is trusted and affordable is very difficult, especially in the new towns.
+ It is not easy to find specialists for certain symptoms.
+ Long wait list a doctor’s treatment is already known

For Physicians:
Reach out to relevant patients is very difficult and expensive. Doctors not proficient technology or expend in advertising their services through media such as Facebook and Google ads.
Building trust and reputation in patients is an activity that is heavy and time consuming. That reputation, however, is non-transferable from one system to another system. If the site where the doctor builds his reputation went bankrupt, all efforts to build a profile of wasted.
Doctors do not know about trust and authenticity of his patients. He didn’t much know if patients who are registered will show up on time or not and how good she is in conducting fee payment.

Pharmaceutical Companies:
+ Reach global markets and fragmented very expensive. In accordance with the different research, medical expenses increased 9-10 times because the cost of marketing and communications.
+ Health professionals reach out globally very difficult and slow process. The use of Medical Representatives to promote drugs is not only inefficient but also time consuming.
+ Reach niche segments/fragmented patient to do research is very difficult because the country/border limits.

The solution of the Etheal Ecosystem:
Etheal aims to create a global health professional list-based blockchain. Patients can search through profiles of the appropriate health professionals around the world, indexed by a number of parameters of the focus area, the method of treatment, peer review, etc.

Contract intelligent move belief system and a transparent review of transferable trustworthy users when determining potential target. ETS (Etheal Trust Score) reflects the general reliability of the address of the trust. It is based on trust and values based on a meritocracy where if a user selects a topic early to be popular then you get a higher score for it.

It is similar to the fact that if you have invested early to BitCoins then you tend to get more. ERS (Etheal Rank Score) reflects how much the value generated by the system user in his actions. It’s possible to write good content, show up on time for a scheduled appointment, get good reviews, make a payment on time, etc.

Etheal give the option whereby patients and health professionals get token HEAL by interacting with advertisements, surveys and research to corporate Pharma.

For each payment is processed in the system Etheal, 15% will go to Fund Endowmen Contributing weekly (WCEF), which is distributed to patients and health care providers for their contribution to the Etheal ecosystem. This will ensure the active involvement of the patient and physician in Etheal ecosystems.

Developers will be able to develop different value-added applications around ecosystems Etheal as for Salesforce that would enhance the overall ecosystem.

Current Working Solution:
They have two web sites that work and popular in Hungarian and in Brazil. This health comparison sites currently serves 2.5 million visits to surprise a year.

Business model:
Etheal ecosystem will target three main areas to generate revenue and give added value to its investors.

1. Medical tourism
Medical tourism is a concept where people who live in one country to travel to other countries to receive medical treatment, dental treatment and surgery while at the same time receiving treatment equal to or greater than in of their own because of the affordable prices, better access to professional care
Appropriate research, Global Healthcare expenditure is expected to reach $8700 B in the year 2020.

The growth of spending for health and Medical Tourism market projected to grow to $540 B in the year 2025 with a staggering 25% CAGR.

Etheal aims to take advantage of this market and provide the best solution for the users where they can find and pay medical services medical professional who can be trusted around the world at an affordable price.

2. Pharmaceutical Research and Advertising Communication:
Pharmaceutical company issued a large amount of money for medical research and advertising. Currently its expenditure was $27 B in USA only. Drug costs are rising 9-10 times because marketing costs incurred. Etheal system aims to provide cost effective solutions and efficient pharmaceutical company there with bringing drug costs down.

3. the optimal advertising Medium:
Etheal system will provide the physical media on which will be able to bid for a list of features in the search. However, their quality score will not be dependent on luxury items such as web sites and SEO (that is the deciding factor in Google search) but the quality of their service are determined by the ETS (Etheal Trust Score) and ERS (Score Etheal Rank).

The Road Map Project:
Etheal aims to create a decentralized version of their current solution (, which has 2.5 million visits each year. This will bring a solution to the next level of growth and help achieve her full potential. The major project milestones are:
Create platform-based blockchain-based decentralization

1. Ecosystems Etheal
2. Create a database of high quality health professionals and patients
3. Capture the global medical tourism market
4. Capture Pharma research and Advertising market

Timeline of the road map
Token HEAL:
Ecosystem etheal will use token HEAL which is the standard token ERC 20. It will have a fixed supply of 100 million marks HEAL.

Token Distribution HEAL
Details of the token total HEAL:
Round 1: sales of 42.5 Million tokens
Presale: 9 million tokens
ICO: 20 million tokens
Referral Referral: 12 million tokens
Reserved for the Bounty Program: 1.5 Million tokens
Round 2:9 Million tokens
Round 3:6 Million tokens
Community Fund: 20 million tokens

Of the 8 million this token is provided to the developer ecosystem, 8 million Etheal the token provided to giving incentives and 2 million content contributors a token to airdrop since holding the token HEAL for a long duration.

Outdoor early investors: 3 million tokens
Team and advisors: 19.5 Million tokens