Eternaltrusts – Transform the centuries-old fiduciary industry

Eternaltrusts – Dear friends, It’s time to tell about the final and fantastically implemented project bearing the name Eternaltrusts!
Eternal trusts is a special organization that offers people the likelihood that therapeutic innovations can enhance their ability to increase human life and increases their personal acceptance, using innovations that are either not present Or are not legal at the moment.

The general director of Eternaltrusts is a man named Cyril Sylvester, who has experience in investment banking. Various employees of the organization registered on the site eternaltrusts have bases in zones, for example, resource management, trust management, improvement of chain and biomedicine. Today there are more than 16 million millionaires in the world and at least 10% of them are fervently trying to increase their life expectancy and improve their standard of living. But even these wealth cannot buy services that have not been approved by the regulators or are inaccessible due to inadequate legislation. But it remains a fact that the role of forecasters helps us to develop fairly accurate predictions. Closely monitoring the trends of the current day shows that the development of technological progress has been predicted by someone earlier.

Eternaltrusts: This platform has the most extensive perspective, based on the technology of blockchain, with the aim to become the central Link where dreams of the future of mankind live. The most interesting part is that this platform allows users to pre-order future technologies that will become available in the market. Token holders have a unique opportunity to become the pioneers of a platform that aspires to a better future, revolutionizing the world as we know it today.
The Eternaltrusts platform is adapted to the delayed operations, which algorithm processes, bind premature cryopreservation or chemical fixation, and also have many excellent equally fantastic, but still, possible solutions, as Only they will become valid, legal and available in the market.

The objectives set by the client in the Trust management contract are automatically checked periodically for admissibility and analyzed by industry representatives in order to complicate their implementation. The project controls all new branches in the context of add-ons for their customers. Once the project finds that the project needs to record and add new information or biological materials to realize its dreams, the project will contact customers to make such complex changes. In two or three years Eternal trusts plan to attract up to 12 projects to its infrastructure platform, which will allow us to speed up or otherwise improve the service level of our clients. Project advisors estimate the number of tokens required for each of these projects at around $20 million, which suggests a potential additional demand of up to 240 million dollars over a three-year period. In the future, they plan to attract up to 12 such projects per year.

Eternaltrusts Token is a currency platform that also functions as a booster for products and services for biotechnology.
Biotech projects built on the platform will also use platform tokens to sell their products and services. Eternaltrusts will also use tokens to purchase services required by customers, generating liquidity in emerging markets.
The eternaltrusts organization holds a pre-offer of tokens prior to its original release from June 1 to August 1, 2018. The main way that a person can join the ranks of Eternaltrusts customers is to buy eternaltrusts tokens (ETT).

Name Token-ETT.
The Pre ICO Price is 1 ETT 0.01 US dollar.
Price otherwise is equal to 1 ETT 0.021 USD.
There are various bonuses and rewards on the platform.
The Prototype MVP is also available.
The Ethereum platform used.
Accepted ETH, BTC, LTC, BTH.
The required minimum investment amount is 10 000 ETT.
The soft cap is 7.000.000 USD, the country-Singapore.

Eternaltrusts¬†The project has assembled a group of consultants in many areas: in a financial institution where the trust can be supported by a legal agreement that ensures the use of capital solely for the requirements established by the founder The creator of trust to ensure that the trust capital of buyers can acquire value until the desired product and services are available in Biomedicine to monitor our Guardians ‘ compliance with the storage criteria Biomaterials to ensure that the fulfillment of customer requirements and goals are justified through the use of blockchain technology.
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