ETAINPOWER A Blockchain-based Energy Ecosystem Powered by AI

ETAINPOWER Alternative energy sources are gaining popularity-the prices of power carriers are growing, the volume is inexorably declining. Solar panels, hydropower plants, biofuels development are underway, but… How to invest in an ordinary investor? Often such projects are carried out in remote corners of the planet isolated from financial centers. Blockchain can make investing affordable.

Etain Power developers offer a platform for financing green energy sources: now every investor can invest in an interesting project without tedious searches, paperwork, currency translation. The project team has extensive experience in the development of power plants created on renewable sources, so we realize all the peculiarities of the market.

How does Etain Power work, who will be useful?
The project brings together investors and creators of power plants from all over the world for profitable cooperation, stable income. The developers are getting a new power plant project (for example, a solar cell complex operating in the Bahamas), analyzing its architecture, the intended benefit, and launching the ICO on its site.

Advantages of Etain Power: Profitable Token, analytics based on artificial intelligence
Ordinary investors buy tokens EPR, bringing money to the project. Financial flows go through blockchain, so the legal status of the investor is unimportant, and the return guarantee is provided by decentralized architecture. The blockchain is isolated from inflation of fiat currencies, instability of political situation, other investment risks-investments are safe.

The project of the new power plant is gaining funding, the developers are purchasing equipment, starting to supply energy in their region. After that, PPS tokens are issued-individual coins for each project, the cost of which depends on the success of the individual power plant, the cost of one kilowatt of energy. This approach takes into account regional differences (electricity prices vary by country), allows investors to earn more, supports healthy competition between power plant creators. EPR and PPS tokens can be exchanged at the set rate, converted into other coins or fiat money, spend on additional services inside EtainPower.

Financial flows circulate between investors and power plant developers
The system architecture is built on three solutions.
1. Energy Token-The universal tokens of the ERC20 Standard connect the creators of power plants with private, corporate investors working all over the world. The receipt of investment income is guaranteed by smart contracts that clarify the peculiarities of the future power plant. Innovations always go beyond the usual schemes, so blockchain-the best way to mention all possible scenarios, to hedge investors against losses.

Prospects for using etainpower in the electricity market

2. Diversified Investment returns-with the help of individual PPS tokens for each project, power plant creators can promote their development, seek investors, change the model of payment of income. Participants of Etain power sign PPA (electricity purchase agreement) with end users, make all necessary licenses before placing on the site. This approach reduces the risks of unearmarked investments, reduces the number of “nonviable” projects on the expanse of Etain Power.

3. Power Grid Intelligence-developers built-in AI (artificial intelligence), IoT technology (Internet of things, a sensor system for equipment), machine learning to improve the productivity of operating power plants. The team emphasizes: the goal of creating Etain Power is to improve the productivity of alternative energy sources across the planet, to unite the interests of investors, ordinary users of electricity.

The creators of their own power plants can rent equipment through Etain power: The platform offers an extensive list of suppliers around the world, payment is done in PPS tokens. Details of cooperation are discussed by smart contracts, which respect the interests of both sides of the transaction.

In the future, with the help of Etain Power tokens, you can pay for airplane tickets, accommodation in hotels, visits to restaurants. The developers are focused on strategic partnership with big business, drawing attention to new sources of energy. IoT and AI will track the productivity of all power plants cooperating with etainpower and assume a large-scale market integration.

How goes ICO etainPower, what will happen next?
Developers have released only 10 billion tokens EPR, ICO plan to run in early July (the exact date is not yet set) for 30 days. The team plans to collect up to 20 million dollars (hard cap), tokens are offered at the rate of 1 ETH = 65 000 EPR.

Most of the issued tokens (35%) will be implemented during the ICO, 10% will be transferred to the developer community, 20% to the founders of Etain Power, 20% will be the investment pool (to start the first projects), 15% will be a reserve fund.

The funds received will cover five groups of costs: most (45%) It is planned to spend on further development of an ecosystem, 10% covers expenses on legal registration of the project (reception of licenses), on 15% will be invested in attraction of third-party blockchain-projects, platform marketing, accompanying expenses.

According to Roadmap, in the third quarter of 2018 will earn PPS Wallet to raise funds, and at the end of the current year released a beta version of the platform. The first quarter of 2019 marks the release of the full version of the platform, by the end of the year will be signed contracts for the construction of power plants to produce 2.6-gigawatt energy.

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