Essentia-have you ever thought that what you do in the world of the internet, such as filling the data yourself in social media, provide useful information, conduct transactions, and others, is something very valuable, even sought by large companies in the world? We know Google, Facebook, Amazone, and others. They are the companies that have large data and you are one person from the billions of the world’s population who have given that data for free.

Currently, data is the new oil whose value is very valuable. If you make these resources every second of every day for free, then it is a fallacy that can not be tolerated. You should benefit from what you have been working on it. Have you ever thought to have full control and data and digital assets?

It seems you must know the Essentia, a platform that will change the old concepts of digital life on your own. Essentia will give You full ownership to gain an advantage from data, ID, information, privacy, and your digital assets by connecting You directly (decentralized) and data management tools, identity solutions, Exchange data, CRM and more.

Essentia is a modular framework that allows full trusted users can perform operations with the data and the identity of their digital decentralization. Users can create their operating systems with the capability of on-chain which is accessible from all devices in the world. Including the dApp, blockchain and third-party service user to be controlled in a way that is decentralized.

Thus, the Essentia will replace ecosystem data exchange the old with the new ecosystem, which is decentralized, more profitable for all parties. This is called a revolution. It all turned into more easily.

We are happy to arrange our Hard Crowdsale Cap for $32 million USD. Distribution in tokenĀ  are as follows:
Token distribution:
60% for the crowd
10% for team founder
10% for advisors
10% as a reserve project
5% for the team and developers
5% for gifts and promotion
ICO Terms:
Token: ESS
Initial Price: 1 ETH = 15000 ESA
Type: ERC20
Hardkap: $31.9 million

The token is distributed to the teams and developers will be locked for 18 months with 6-month cliff. Depending on each case, the token is distributed to the Advisory will be locked between 6 months and 1 year.
More details on our business plan and the expected usage of the income mentioned in this article. Investors from the United States and China will not be accepted.


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