ERNTOKEN – Two Nascent Developments Powered By One Cryptocurrency

Listern – The Earn team is working on creating a new audio platform that will support songs, voice clips, audiobooks, podcasts and much more other. The Listern platform will use a blockchain to ensure a uniform distribution of revenue and rewards between viewers, publishers, and advertisers. This audio exchange platform will offer a revolutionary ecosystem that will allow viewers, publishers, and advertisers to share, create and listern to audio while they earn ERN tokens.

How does Listern work?
Using the blockchain, the Listern audio revolutionizes platform is an audio exchange. To achieve this, he will create a system of decentralized rewards for advertisers, creators, and listerners. Transactions using the ERN token will be written to the blockchain this platform will facilitate the exchange of rewards through ERN tokens for each qualified transaction. The transaction will be confirmed and the confirmation work can be performed with the help of mobile career-career, Mindé Pocket Miner.

The work on checking the use of a pocket-miner will ensure the safety of the ecosystem. The Earn Miner application will be released as soon as the team finishes its development. Rewards received by users will be processed through Ernpay Wallet, where you can send, receive and store ERN tokens.

This audio platform will offer a variety of monetization services that content creators can use and use to create audio. Content creators who need funding will have access to the Marketplace, where anyone on the platform can offer donations to project creators and help them finance their projects. Donors to the projects will receive a share of ERN rewards in the project as they become popular in the market.

The creators will have the right to choose what percentage they will offer to the sponsors of their project during the financing phase. This will stimulate the participation of the sponsors. In addition, if someone shares audio with their network, users will receive ERN tokens as a reward for contributing to the ecosystem.

To get incentives, users need to follow 5 new pieces of content after they have shared the content. This program is only available to Listern to members. The team also creates an audio player built to order, which can be used on the Listern platform.

Details of Token ICO.
The ERN token will be a standard ERC20 token that works on Ethereum. With the help of ERN markers, you can purchase products such as Mindé Pocket Miner. In addition, you can participate in earnings, such as Marketplace for audio.

You earn ERN tokens as part of the ICO or join the bonus and rewarding programs. There will be one billion ERN tokens that will be distributed in such a way that miners, participants, and investors can earn on an equal basis. The platform Listern with a solid project and a competent team is sure to succeed.

ICO parameters
Token Ticker: ERN
Total: 1 billion ERN
Tokens sold at the time of ICO: 50% (500 million ERN)
Decimal numbers: 8
Price: Starts from 0.1 USD
ICO Date: June July
Hard Cap: $25,000,000
Soft Cap: $10,000,000

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