Equitybase Securities Token Exchange Ecosystem

Equitybase Token securities differ from current blockchain model, where the token can be traded freely after publication. Securities Jobber, meaning the securities are considered to be owned by anyone who holds it, is illegal in most jurisdictions. A variety of numerical limits and others can, if exceeded, results in an obligation of the regulation that is not significant to the Publisher. The financial intermediaries and issuers owe a duty in respect of the tax reporting. The regulations provide protection in some cases of hostile takeovers and other actions by shareholders who may seek to acquire, control or affect the company. Corporate documents or provision of securities provides a wide range of rights to vote, tender offer, dividends, income and other rights must reach the relevant security holder. Provision of ongoing information to the public or to security holders is likely to be needed. 

The Uniform Commercial Code and variant in many jurisdictions has been developed to provide a process by which an effect of successful transfers from one person to another has been formalized and made predictable. For this and various other reasons, security token must trade differently from the traditional ERC20 token, bitcoin crypto, currency, and other digital assets. In addition, the exchange of tokens not registers token securities to avoid enforcement of regulations to deal with securities. With the emergence of decentralized exchanges and even anonymous, form this rule becomes difficult and has led some Governments to ban the sale of the mark entirely. With secondary trading freely open, issuers will not be able to determine the identity, jurisdiction and the status of accreditation from the holder of the security, and will not be able to comply with applicable law, with potentially huge consequences for corporations and management, assets, and customers.

Equitybased trying to solve this problem by addressing market securities with our platform token in the appropriate regulatory framework using blockchain technology.

Solution Platforms Equitybase
Equitybase platform solutions at blockchain to offer appropriate legal effect with the network services that allow lower costs associated from time to time. Provide a platform for decentralized security token trade along with fundraising for back the token issuer’s assets. The platform enables issuers to authenticate the identity of the investor, place of residence, and the status of accreditation to participate in a variety of deals tokens in Equitybase ecosystems. Equitybase provides a complete solution for publishers of token over deals to be done in a way that fits the rules.

In Equitybase market platform, users will be able to invest for economic rights property, represented by each token in Securities Equity Invest equity platform equityase are and will be backed by physical assets. Investors will also be able to trade, liquidate assets asset-backed Equity Exchange platform in the US.

We combine the public market liquidity along with a rate of return higher than the private market solutions using technology blockchain contracts. As a result, we are creating new ways to invest. Token holder BASE all over the world will be able to participate in the hybrid market platform we use cryptocurrency at no cost while making a profit, paid in various currencies crypto or currency. Hybrid Market Equitybase platform will offer an investment that is simple, transparent and straightforward. It removes the uncertainty that usually faced by individual investors and allows almost anyone to build an investment portfolio of asset-backed that gives results that are predictable and consistent without lock-in period of the issuer. around the world will also be able to utilize our platform with identical functionality.

Ecosystem Equitybase
Equity Invest
Equity Invest will be based on the contract smart Etherum that represent the diverse effects of supply assets. This contract will have different steps, each step will be stamped on the blockchain by contract. After the new asset entered in our equity investment platform, there will be a list of tasks that must be done. This information will be shared with investors audited and platform.

Equity Exchange
Equity Exchange offers investors an innovative standard way to buy and sell assets of the tokenized on investments made on Equity Invest. The exchange of Equity securities from fractional trading-backed assets similar to the stock market with no lock-in period. it will can add intrinsic value based on performance and demand of every individual ownership. Also, the value of projects or funds will increase closer to the date of execution if there is, the offer price will be adjusted based on each asset ownership accordingly.

Equity Reserve
Equity Reserve will be set as secondary backup operators that provide an extra layer of liquidity into Equity Exchange platform, it will be used as an indoor backup to continue allowing users a platform to liquidate ownership them with a guarantee of purchase back in stock. The primary reserve will be maintained by each of the sponsors of the project, which is 5% of the total funds collected will be stored in the wallet multi-sig and used for any ownership for the purpose of liquidity.

Equity Funds
Equitybase offers a team of founders and advisors with extensive experience. Equitybase foster and his investment team has a very good track record in all areas: an investment with added value, real estate development, asset management, and capital markets.

The mission would Fund Equity investments, acquisitions, development, and securities through asset management: selection carefully, curatorial, value and investment portfolio management. Our goal is to generate revenue growth and value for our investors and to maximize results. Equitybase primarily will focus on intermediate assets between $5-100 Million USD.

Token Base
To strengthen this new platform for publishing and securities trading rules on the standard token Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 Polymath best remembered (BASE) will be created and distributed to participants of the network. 360 Million BASE tokens will be printed and no additional BASE token to be printed after it. The BASE unit is the token economy underpins the ecosystem Equitybase by providing solutions and cost reduction to zero on the platform.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales February 28-May 22, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Wire Transfer
The price of a Token 1 BASE = $0.28
A total of 360 million Token Supply BASE

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