EQUI Innovative Token that will Transform the Venture Capital Market

EQUI The market is one of the many types of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby the parties involved in the Exchange. Although the parties can exchange goods and services with barter, most markets relies on sellers who offer goods or services they include labor in return for money from the buyer. It could be said that the market is the process by which the prices of goods and services specified. Facilitate trade and greenhouse allows the distribution and allocation of resources in the community.

Venture capital is a type of private equity, a form of financing provided by the company or the funds to small, early stage, new companies that are considered to have high growth potential or that have shown high growth. Venture capital firms or investment funds at this early stage companies in Exchange for equity or ownership of shares, in companies where they invest. The brokerage capital risk finance small businesses at risk with the expectation of some companies that they support will be successful. Start-ups are usually based on innovative technologies or business models and usually of high-tech industries, such as information technology, clean technology or biotechnology.

EQUI was the unification of the exciting new kriptocurrency with an innovative investment platform, which builds on the technologies of Ethereal Blockchain, EQUI disturbing traditional venture investment market and empower the community to join the crypto the next generation of venture capital investors. Adopt EQUItokens, investors will be able to buy shares in the company’s entrepreneurial new show up and benefit from the results of investment and a great award.
EQUI source would be the best investment opportunities in the real-world assets, the company’s next generation technology and business with the ability to revolutionize the market. EQUI will win the innovators and supports it by providing the knowledge, guidance, and insight into the extensive business in order to make their businesses thrive.

VISION EQUI by utilizing this Blockchain technology and combined it with the traditional model of venture capital investment, EQUI was the unique offerings will interfere with the conventional thinking in this space. The Council was controlled by the successful entrepreneur and visionary, EQUI utilizes an extensive global network to identify innovative pioneers. and exciting endeavor that would be superior to the injections not only financial expertise but also operational and strategic expertise. Our vision will be delivered through the investment platform EQUI. This platform will feature opportunities evaluated so that investors can participate in the next generation of successful companies.

Proposition EQUI offers flexibility and control for the actors in decision-making of investment, EQUItokens can be purchased for a variety of reasons: 1. Investor: is the participant who does EQUItokens against the odds in the platform EQUI. The level of commitment is fully flexible and determined by the tastes of the investor in a particular project. Investors will receive 70% (pro rata) of the profits generated from the project they invested.
2. Holder: the holder is the participants who choose to hold their token at the platform for the project without doing the EQUI. The holder receives a 5% (pro rata) of the profits generated from the project.
3. Trader: a trader is the participants who choose to remove them from the platform token EQUI and only benefit from an increase in the price of a token.
Summary The Strategy & Return On Investment

EQUIcredits is part of the structure of Investor awards. Investors who did EQUItokens for projects on the Platform of EQUI will participate in the loyalty scheme EQUIcredits. EQUIcredits allocation equivalent to 5% of the participants who invested EQUItokens. EQUIcredits given will be converted to EQUItokens at the end of each year and transferred to the wallet EQUI. Generation of EQUIcredits comes from an annual increase of 5% in the preparation EQUItoken overall.
Pre-sale: 1 March-8 March 2018 2018 + 25% Bonus ICO public: March 8-March 15, 2018 2018 + 15% Bonus March 15, 2018-22 March 2018 + Bonus 5% 22 March-31 March 2018 2018 0% Bonus (No Bonus) Token name: EQUI ICO Open: March 1, 2018 Token Suply : 250million
Token prices: $0.50 of payment accepted for the presale is USD, GBP, EUR and Bitcoins.
In ICO, EQUI can only be purchased with Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins and Ripple. Crypto base that will be used is the Ethereum. The other crypto will be exchanged through the API Shapeshift. The use of the

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