EPIK TOKEN The Future of Digital Collectibles

EPIK TOKEN Innovative technology has long been an important part of our lives, everyone loves to spend time in the virtual world. But centralized projects do not cause confidence in most situations, they are directly related to the risks of becoming part of fraudulent schemes. That is why people are trying to find alternative solutions. The developers of the decentralized project Epiktoken, confident that they will be able to provide a new level for the game. This project is created for connoisseurs of different collections-now you will have a great opportunity to collect a variety of exclusive virtual branded items, using the opportunity to Epiktoken.

Features Epiktoken
The EPIK marker is the perfect way to collect branded items on any digital platform, such as video games, mobile games, virtual reality, augmented reality, social media gifts, and branded emoji.

The EPIK utility token will be used to facilitate the creation, distribution, and sale of licensed virtual goods. Using blockchain technology, brands will be able to distribute their virtual goods through a network of virtual economies with digital platforms acting as retailers. Using the EPIK token for transactions, we intend to allow brands, digital platforms, and consumers to track each purchased licensed virtual product indefinitely with full transparency. This establishes a uniform trust between all parties involved. Once the brand and the digital platform come to an agreement, intelligent contracts are created to automatically manage the creation, tokenization, distribution, and transactions of these items of virtual goods between all parties.

This approach eliminates the possibility of introducing fraudulent schemes-users will have direct access to virtual content and will be able to enter into really profitable transactions. Platform developers believe that this solution can become revolutionary-thanks to the project, both sides will be interested in cooperation without intermediaries and additional costs.
What are the features of the new project

Marker EPIK-will is the perfect choice for those who adore collecting a variety of collectible virtual items that belong to the game segment. Today, the developers are actively trying to expand the areas of influence of their project, sign new partners to open unique opportunities to their customers;

Epic items
Epic items are special items that are unique in nature. The EPIK elements are pinned and stored on a blockchain. Collect various EPIK elements on different digital platforms and view them at any time and anywhere in the EPIK application. It is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of various games, in most cases, the presence of items of this type allows to achieve certain game progress;

Epic Purse
Thanks to the internal wallet, all users of this unique decentralized platform will be able to perform any necessary transactions. Exchange rewards for Fiat funds, Exchange unique items-in any case, for cooperation used intellectual contracts, which will become a real guarantee of security. No fraudulent schemes or intermediaries-all transactions are executed directly.

The developers offer certain collectible bonuses for the project users:

Bonuses only for this rank;
A unique collection of ERC-721;
Unlocks the Bounty Hunter theme;
Gain access to the exclusive Hunter awards;
Get access to the exclusive Hunter items.

The award is limited;
A unique collection of ERC-721;
Unlocks the subject of the hacker;
Get access to exclusive Hacker awards;
Get access to exclusive Hacker products.

A unique collection of ERC-721;
Unlocks the Baller theme;
Get access to exclusive Baller awards;
Get access to exclusive Balleram.

Unique Award;
Unique Collection ERC-721
Unlocks the mode of God in game projects;
To be a master of creation;
Get access to each new collectible unit;
That is why the developers are confident that their platform will be successful.

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