EOZ Thought Lending Platform Powered By Artificial Neural Network

EOZ credit new platform gives users the opportunity to conduct transactions with unlimited money using unique neural network (ANN). ANN really is the development of an advanced model, which has a base of biological neural networks. This simulates a non linear connection and process between the incoming and outgoing signals. EOZ use it based on in-depth training methods, where the signals are sent to the automated programs that do various crypto operations channels at the request of the user.

Of course everyone can take part in the process and make full use of the system of EOZ, regardless of status and geographical location. Each transaction in EOZ is done in real time, which has many advantages-complete security for any party in a transaction, the sale and exchange of profitable without a variety of commissions and fees.

The current financial industry includes many different complex systems, and almost everyone interacting with him throughout his life. Technology does not stand still, including field-a lot of the process into a digital reality, which makes the system safer, more profitable and increase overall against the opinion of a few people.

EOZ system features and benefits:
EOZ coin holders can use them for loans and receive a percentage of profitable every day;
Thanks to hybrid algorithms, currency EOZ generate profits for their owners, although only on a digital wallet;
Each user can drag currency EOZ and sell them profitably, or keep a reliable wallet;
EOZ currency can participate in a variety of exchange transactions, benefit holders;
Program development EOZ Luxury gives everyone a chance to become the owner of a fancy, advertises a unique credit system.

This is a decentralized Cryptococcus that helps creators EOZ to achieve the opportunity to set up a system that is secure, stable and profitable. Market investment with traditional processes, overhead and slow has become the past, leaving the “intelligent” system that actually works for the interests of each user and the economy as a whole. Details are important in the proper functioning of the platform EOZ is publishing its own currency-token EOZ, which gives the opportunity to participate in a lucrative loan program, as well as using programs P2P reference.

The loan is the most pervasive economic operations currently, that is not always beneficial in the traditional economic system, offers an interest rate that doesn’t make sense, and the security conditions are not always at the right level. In contrast to the current situation, EOZ offers unique features and profitable for any its users, which not only saves you money, but also multiply her with neural networks.

EOZ Is Different With Other ICO
Because EOZ has taken the time to really think about some important things from some ICO like below:
The most important concern about trade cryptocurrency and loan programs.
Security Transactions
Easy to get started.
A realistic reference opportunities.
Reduce the rate of yield of the loan.
Name: EOZ
Total Supply: 48 million EOZ
The need for ICO EOZ trade channels to create crypto is simple and easy for everyone, everywhere. Thus, EOZ offers trains to all potential uses through the ICO.

EOZ Token Distribution
Early Coins offer: 25%
Future development: 5%
Founder: 3%
Bounty: 2%
Distribution Of Funds ICO EOZ
Trade Cryptocurrency: 70%
Marketing: 10%
Development: 10%
Operational costs: 10%

Website : https://eoz.com
Whitepaper : https://eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2943023
Twitter : https://twitter.com/eozofficial
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/eozdotcom
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/D0OHjlJCkDE1fNyHWlOaEQ

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