ENVION – World’s Most Profitable Standard of Self-Expanding Crypto Infrastructure

ENVION has developed a Mobile system of Mining Units (MMUs) could make use of electricity directly at the source: in power plant water, wind power, wind power and fossil in every corner of the planet. MMU we based on container intermodal (sea) standard, equipped with hardware mining, communications and industrial automation features of 4.0, remote control capabilities and system cooling breakthrough that yields only ~ 1% of the total system consumption energy. Overall, this is a high-tech solution that can be installed seamlessly globally and allow us to use a mixture of the cleanest and cheapest energy wherever possible.

The flexibility of the system MMU help us combine two of the most important sector of the 21st century: blockchain technology and renewable energy. Using the dynamics of exponential growth for both, we promote the preservation of the climate and the well-being of our token holder this is the physical incarnation of the spirit of blockchain: a powerful and decentralized system that can withstand disruptions in government policy, the structure of the price and supply of energy.
Envion solution provides all the necessary competitive advantage, following the approach of decentralized and gave voting rights to an experience that has been under pressure from the concentration power of mining Introducing the future of the Blockchain Decentralized Infrastructure with Smart Crypto-mining infrastructure is highly profitable, global-Hosted in mobile, CSC containers-modular decentralized placement directly on the source of energy.

Highly mobile
We designed a very mobile mining solutions, hosted in CSC standards. Ready for “plug and play” in any energy source.
Access The Cheap Energy
The collapse of the price of solar panels has led to a decline in the price of photovoltaic electricity in factories around the world. Our mining unit can reduce overcapacities non local
Remotely Maintained
The leading mining unit management platform we connect all units into one global network and 4 g connection using a decentralized and redundant satellite.
Patented cooling
More than 40 × more efficient than traditional data centers: by using a patented cooling system, we achieve the efficiency of power as never before.
Scalability is not a problem for us.
Our mining units not limited due to hardware at a low cost and efficient. The concept of decentralization allows the use of small and medium power center that have never happened before.
We are the only global mining operations – which is not associated with problems such as surging energy prices, the lack of hardware, the problem of the Government or the location remains stationary. We are against centralization. We have access to sources of energy at the lowest price in the world. We make access to the transformer/inverter station is the smallest free on this planet.

Blockchain Boom just getting started on a journey
Exponential growth of blockchain-based applications has led to similar explosions in mining infrastructure request. Traditional mining competitors have to face many problems. Some of them apply to mobile strategy, decentral, and scalable!

Fix the problem Blockchain and Energy Industry
We create a win-win scenario for power plants: we pay for power plants (and other energy centers) for letting us use their local overcapacities unused. A win-win for blockchain: we provide stability with decentralised activities mining again, let the community participates fully in the mining and mining operations makes to become immune to the rules areas, Government restrictions, the spike in energy prices and bring tranquility to block global infrastructure.

We designed a modular turnkey solution featuring automatic startup which ensures full autonomous mining resources

The concept of our mobility allows transportation of super simple and spread around the world, providing immunity from restrictions, for example local politics.

Fully Scalable
The hardware cheaper performance and low-power and hardware allows optimal scalability mangrove.

Height Growth
A strategy we allow us to quickly develop mining units moving our fleet, continue to increase the dividend payment every year
Problems in the renewable energy industry

The collapse of the price of solar panels has triggered the exponential expansion of the new photovoltaic plant in the whole world-is causing local overcapacities unprecedented on sunny days.In return for a “bait” local into our mobile mining unit is much higher than regular rates feed-in from the net. Because the price of photovoltaic has plummeted, it has become more and more attractive for solar power generation to expand and invest in an extra stream of income which ensures output more stable during periods of low solar radiation. However this resulted in a large local and overcapacities is unprecedented: the perfect use case for our efforts.

Maximizing renewable sources of energy and other unused We access this cheap electricity at source: even the smallest overcapacity in transformer stations are decentralized (> 50 KW) can be efficiently used by our unit.

Naturally, the electric overcapacities inaccessible and useless until now. The unique concept of ‘ energy absorber ‘ mobile marks an innovative paradigm shift, not only to the owners of power plants, but also for the discerning investors will be rewarded with a ROI of unprecedented

How to become an investor
Register now to participate in the only round Token Preferences we offer, which began on December 1.
You can invest in a currency, crypto or USD/EUR with a credit card. Ticket pre-sales investment is very limited.
To get your place in the list, please register now. Link

ICO Details
The token will be offered during the 31 days, beginning on December 1, 2017 and ends on
December 31, 2017.
ICO EVN done by envion-mining solutions to the world’s first moves-targeting
energy at the source. Bidding will be open to the public. Restrictions apply
for Switzerland and us investors.
Token Issue Volume

Max. 150 million
the token is not distributed would not be generated
The price of Tokens at Issue: 1 USD

83% token holder
Team founder 10%
5% envion AG as a backup
Bounty program 2%

Forms of payment accepted: BTC, ETH, credit card
Start date: December 1, 2017, 12:00 GMT
End date: 31 December 2017 ICO, 12:00 GMT
Discount price token time period

01.12-$2.12 0.70
03.12-0.80 $7.12
08.12-$15.12 0.90
16.12-$31.12 1.00
Token Issue Date: January 10, 2018, 12:00 am GM
Use of funds

91% of investments in Mobile Mining Units (MMUs)
9% of Research Development and administration &

We believe that the innovation system is very important so that kriptocurrencies get mass acceptance. We believe that in future mining operations need to be devolved to reduced their reliance on government regulation of the single, powerful individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy.

The mining operation of crypto in the future need to reduce the systemic risk that present a particular coin or attached to the outdoor mining. Thus, the expression of trying to restore the power of the determinant to the crypto community. It must be possible for individuals to take part in mining crypto without investment in terms of hardware and technology. In addition to broad ownership of mining operations, the effort seeks to involve the community in taking decisions on the key mining decision therefore we strive to reduce obstacles to do a larger audience part in crypto-community.

By offering anyone the ability to take part in securing the future of blockchain technology, the phrase is laying the groundwork for future mining crypto by designing highly mobile mining unit with low maintenance and by offering rights to the community to choose mining location and selection of coins.

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