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Enjoy Life company was established in Ukraine on June 1, 2017. Various detachable landing inside the company: multicurrency wallets, payment systems, the trading platform, loyalty program discounts, interaction with business partners and clients, the Academy of the modern business management, market. Our mission is to implement a solution that meets your needs and create value for the business partners and the user community of crypto.

Currently, areas such as: cooperation between business partners and customers, loyalty program international, multicurrency wallet has been launched. Up to date, the platform Enjoy Life already operates in 4 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and the United States). The goal of this project is the creation of a universal payment ecosystem that is able to unite the real economic sector and the world of kriptocurrency to Exchange, calculation and interaction.

The basic system is enjoying Life itself can be easily integrated into any trade. Access to the database is done using the CRM system is ready to use, with the help of which the business can directly monitor all transactions and orders related to the partner company. CRM system components Enjoy Life is a mobile application that you can download freely on Google or Play in the AppStore.

Applications Enjoy Life for customer retention-combining discounts, bonuses and other bids from corporate partners, pocketbooks and multicurrency trading platform. Thanks to this application, you do not need to store and carry as well as heaps of discount cards or keep many applications from the store. Users receive an instant discount of any purchases made in the system and perform the required actions only “in a single click” using QR code

Application to have a Cashier for the business is mobile cash registers for partners. The use of Enjoy most Cashier-there are only three buttons-the “invoice”, “Enjoy Life card payment“, “transaction history”. Enjoy Cash settings perfectly to his business partner, the company has a network of its own (hotels, restaurants, etc.).


  • Free registration
  • Access to all business partners discount
  • A simplified payment with a QR code
  • Multicurrency wallet
  • Secure payment and a guarantee of fair exchange
  • Purchase cryptocurrency and Exchange in the application
  • Additional income from the purchase of the friends you invite
  • Internal chat to communicate with your friends


  • List and account activation with a one-time fee of $14.99
  • Access to the entire client base is enjoying Life
  • Combine the buyers and sellers in one platform
  • Making your own advertising campaign and map your business are visualized with full description
  • 10% of the profit from every purchase Your business customers, as well as from Your competitors ‘ clients
  • Support ads on online and offline channels from Enjoy Life
  • Additional income attract other partners to our platform
  • Absence of Commission payment from the user
  • Ensure the security of payment and personal information preservation
  • There is no need of new equipment and creation of the merchant

All operations are performed through the system of distributed servers synchronized. The user’s personal data and transactions can be trusted are protected from intruders by csrf_token, oauth 2.0, asynchronous encryption, as well as encryption with Diffie-Hellman method.

How Does It Work?
Partners from Enjoy Life, a form of discount on their platform for early buyers, set the size to a business. This discount together with corporate information (photo, address, telephone number) is published on the web site-enjoy life. world and applications for smartphones.

To make payments through the platform Enjoy Life, business partners need to open the application to have a Cashier and click on “invoice” button and enter the amount of the check. Users scan the QR code shown to him on his mobile device and make the payment. Corporate partners can immediately see and track all purchases made with the application to have a Cashier.

Funds earned by the partner company is enjoying Life in the platform itself is Enjoy Life are the ones that can be drawn at any time to the bank card settlement account an individual, corporate partners, and also converted to Cryptocurrency If you want to be a business owner.

The CRM system is enjoying Life lets you monitor all outlets, regardless of physical location, number and type of activity. All payments accumulated at the account partner after that they can be distributed to that account, where you need to set the distribution manually or automatically.

Business partners can create campaigns and their own advertising newsletter for network client. This system allows to use unlimited resources to make information campaign aimed at their own client base or the entire network users Enjoy Life.

Customers who use mobile applications Enjoy Life receive visualization of business partners with a company logo, description and location in the “partners”. You can configure mail delivery targeted actively about the actions and the current proposal, given the geolocation. Furthermore, the opportunity to build a referral by the user to the location of their partners on a map within the application are increasingly developing.

Token ENJL

  • The token ENJL is the currency of intra-platform that allows the following activity in the system Enjoy Life:
  • payment for products and services and transfer within the system;
  • the realization of the opportunity the B2B/B2C;
  • the ability for a user to act as sales agents for promotional services and get the opportunity to Enjoy Life;
  • rent a virtual store (in development);
  • push notification to customer and marketing capabilities of other systems.

Rincian Penjualan Token

  • Jadwal Penjualan Token 1 Desember 2017 – 15 Januari 2018
  • Pembelian Token Ethereum
  • Harga Token 1 ENJL = $0,5
  • Bonus 5% – 20%
  • Total Pasokan Token 10.000.000 ENJL
  • Peta Jalan Proyek

Members Andrey Makarchev – CEO and founder of Enjoy Life project
Evgeny Balagura – 15 years of experience in media advertising
Alexandr Buzaev – 20 years of experience in the areas related to strategic management
Alexandr Ryzhikov – 6 years of work experience in business building
Natalya Shlyakhova – Financial manager of companies
Alexandr Bondar – 10 years of experience in marketing
Maxim Kupchenko – 5 years of sales in the field of finance and interaction with business
Bogdan Krasnikov – 9 years of work in the field of building a business
Vladimir Bukovsky – 5 years of development of mobile applications for iOS devices
Yuriy Pashko – 5 years of back-end development
Darya Sabinina – For more than 4 years
Vladislav Palamarchyuk – 4 years of development
Andrey Olefirenko – Managing partner. Lawyer
Artur Nonko – Managing partner. Lawyer
Roman Kravchenko – Senior Associate. Lawyer
Yulia Padalka – Auditor

Website: http://ico.enjoy-life.world
Whitepaper: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enjoylifeapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/enjoy_life_app
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