ENDO – Certified Data Verification Protocol

ENDO – When meeting with such projects, you feel physical as the world becomes cleaner, more transparent, more honest. In the soul comes to the hope that soon the good will finally win the evil, as in good fairy tales, and all will heal happily ever after. Today we will talk about a service which, using the technology blockchain, is able to prevent problems associated with the false and fake information. So, a review of the ICO project ENDO.

In Russia every year aping five million car rights and one million policies of CTP. In the United States, 5% of residents live on false passports, and a third of high school students regularly buy tobacco and alcohol products on forged documents. In Australia, 8% of the population is migrants who work under forged documents. At the same time in the world the share verdicts on charges of forgery of documents below 10%. All this is a small visible tip of the huge iceberg of social invisible problems of mankind.
There are a lot of problems in the world related to counterfeit information. They are found in almost every sphere of human activity.

Here are just a few private examples:
 Monopoly on information management. From corporate to state levels. Any information can be substituted, history to rewrite, cases fabricate. Under these conditions, no one is technically protected from systemic arbitrariness. Any honest man can be annihilated in front of everyone on the whim of inadequate and mentally unstable people in whose hands there is power. Most have to be afraid, silent, pretend that they do not notice or serve the dark forces. And the fighters for justice pay a great price for the truth;
 Injustice in work. Today the only way to verify the authenticity of the diploma is an official request to the university that issued the document. These requests are almost never made. Therefore, a part of the staff of many organizations works on fake diplomas. This illustrates how a part of people live and work honestly, and some achieve goals through deception, at the expense of others;
 Counterfeiting of goods. Even very expensive. For example, China produces 40 million wristwatches, which are then sold under a fake ROLEX brand. This brand is damaged 600 million dollars annually. This is an example of how some are parasitic on others;
 Dependence on documents. If the documents, for example, burn out in a fire, the person can be without habitation and means of subsistence. There are many such examples-people simply do not have the power to restore rights to their property, achievements, rights to social security, pension, citizenship.

ENDO is an ecosystem for interaction between developers and users of applications to work with information. It has all the necessary infrastructure, from the development environment to monetization and promotion. For example, on the ENDO platform, you can create a mobile application that can be used to borrow money from a neighbor. Or a service for employers to check the diplomas of applicants for higher education.
The structure of the ENDO ecosystem is visually presented in the figure below.

It consists of five interconnected layers. Let’s walk through them from the center outward:
 The first layer that is in the center is the platform, its function includes the logic of the entire ecosystem;
 Second layer – custom applications developed in the ENDO ecosystem;
 The third layer is an API, it gives ENDO the ability to integrate into other systems, such as the infrastructure of a public institution;
 The fourth layer is the Protocol of communication Organoidov the whole ENDO system. This is a kind of communication standard that ensures the autonomy of the system relative to the outside world;
 The fifth layer is the data storage system. External digital information Drives (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) can be used as storage. ENDO Storage System provides verification of this data, which eliminates the possibility of substitution.
The use of ENDO protocols is calculated in hundreds or thousands of cases. Below are some of the areas that need ENDO technology solutions.

 Token name: EToken (ET)
 Emission: 100 m
 Soft Cap: $5m
 Hard Cap: $15M
 Completion of ICO: August 25, 2018
 Investment threshold entry: $100

ENDO touches on one of the most important problems that blockchain technology can solve – reliability of information. Such projects are very warmly perceived in the crypto community. ENDO has high expert ratings in the listings of ICO projects, professional and a team, authoritative advisors. Such projects have a future.

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