EMMARES Connecting High Quality Email Content With Interested Recipients

EMMARES -Email Marketing System is a system of Rewarding a very favorable evaluation for marketers email (sender) and the recipient of the email (all email users).
EMMARES connecting high-quality email content with the interests of the recipient. Encourage better quality content, low frequency, and fair evaluation of content.
EMMARES brings new values, an expanded audience for email marketers and a bit of spam just to the content to the desired recipient.
Our mission is to make the world free of spam and play a major role in exposing the dynamic possibilities of evaluation content and intelligent delivery system.

How does it work?
Email marketers
By signing up to the EMMARES system, email MARKETERS have the opportunity to reach more target customers who are interested in their content. Because they send content that is well received by them, they got the opportunity to use EMMARES system to expand coverage and working towards better results and a higher ROI.
They invest in outdoor fun, which is the base to give the prize to EMMARES users (Email recipients), which evaluate their content.
Recipient email
As a reward to evaluate the content they receive from different marketers email (sender), recipients get the token from the pool. For each assessment, the recipient of the email (the user) accept tokens from email marketers that the contents are evaluated.

Who benefited?
Email Marketers-Publisher
Our unique model of transparent and based on an urge publishers to submit content that is good, interesting and relevant. As a Publisher, you collect reviews from your prospects and of targeted audiences in Exchange for a token from the pool of benefit you. As a result you are:
build your reputation as a quality Email marketer,
Get access to new recipients interested is right on target with the type of service/topic/your product.
increase the involvement of the recipient.
The buyer’s token
By purchasing the EMMARES token, you get significant privileges as the holder of the token (presale) and support new projects that develop with the potential is enormous.

You can be a part of the system, which represents the future of Email marketing world where everyone just get the content they are interested in and Email marketers get higher ROI.
Recipients of the letters of the evaluators
As a participant in the community of EMMARES, you get a token in return to evaluate the content of the Email you receive. As simple as that you also get the possibility to subscribe to the content you are interested in, from Email marketers with the highest value. You can use the tokens you collect in two ways. You can:

exchanging tokens with marketers or
use it for your own outdoor beneficial (if you are a Publisher while Evaluators).

Emmares phase 1
Quality assessment system with incentives for contributors
Info/territory and gender quality
The token to access the EMA service ESP, gift-giving budgets
Token EMA as a gift for grading a letter received
Token EMA in bursa
Emmares stage 2
I could participate only to specific senders
I have to manually unsubscribe if the quality is down
I need to find the source of
Email Marketers need to have a mailing list that is sorted by the marketing campaign
Static email list and only expanded by the new opt-in through campaigns and other marketing communication tools
Connection receiver/sender statically
Can I choose the type of information I needed and more importantly, for information QUALITY
Unsubscribe automatically if the quality is down
I just need to know where the info that interests me and let the system work in order to allow the marketing message, whether I know the sender or not
The email list is dynamic. Marketers only need to maintain a high level of quality and categorizing information according to its kind
Dynamic sender/receiver connection
Token Distribution
51% Presale and crowdsale
23% of the incentive pool of new account opening
17% founder and team
5% reserved for future strategic partners, people with ambition
3% Pre crowdsale token contributions, Advisory
1% Bounties

Website: https://emmares.io
Whitepaper :https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf
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