ELYSIAN Decentralized Platform to Build Ecommerce Websites on the Blockchain

ELYSIAN – Security is still a constant problem in the crypto economy, and more precisely in digital commerce. Far to walk is not necessary, it is worth looking at the periodic violations in the data Equifax and Target. The Elysian project intends to drastically correct this situation by applying smart protocols and blockchain technology for bringing security to a new level.
Elysian is a young and ambitious project that offers us the organization of a decentralized site for the creation of websites in digital commerce.
Elysian Platform is an innovative solution that combines blockchain technology, a virtual world with AI, increased security for storing information and Crypto activity for saving and transferring value. This combination will undoubtedly lead to the tremendous user experience. The project will also increase scalability.

Let’s look at each aspect of the project in more detail.
1. Security.
With the advent of blockchain technology, the World Wide Web is being radically modernized. But the technology of blockchain is still at an early stage of its development. Hence, such a large number of its misunderstanding and acceptance by companies Crypto industry. The project will provide the ability to store data on blockchains with improved security. This will serve as a basis for transactional actions and storage of information that will be credible as it cannot be forged through decentralization.
2. Scalability.
For Kriptojekonomiki, this aspect is one of the defining aspects. Thanks to the use of the Elysian platform, its size increases at times, because this platform is universal and accessible to any business and various technologies.
3. AI and virtual reality.
For digital Commerce, This Union is represented in the stabilization and development of the industry. This system guarantees optimal and favorable conditions. Users will be able to make purchases without leaving the house, while receiving a full range of services, corresponding to the process of shopping in a regular store.
4. Growth pool.

Its main purpose is the relationship between the project team and the Kriptosoobshhestvom. The percentage of token allocation that is allocated to the growth pool is equal to 35% of the total number of tokens delivered. And it will be introduced into the system in order to guarantee the legitimate use of the token.

Advantages of the project.
From all above mentioned, there are several advantages of the project:
-Rooting crypto commercial
-Satisfaction of consumers of the market, and maximum efficiency;
-A new level of security, previously not visible;
-Advantages of competitors who still use the usual processes and relations with the client;
-Expansion of Kriptosoobshhestva at the expense of pool of growth and definition of values in relations of members of project team and its adherents.

Ico. Core moments.
The site has its own token – ELY. It is designed to conduct digital commerce transactions within it. The token can be stored in the user’s wallet and then sent to the platform. This gives low commission fees.
Token: ELY;
Platform: Ethereum;
Type: ERC20;
Number of issued tokens: 1 billion ELY;
Main sale: Start 04.06.2018 end of 24.06.2018;
Price: 1 ELY = $0.12;


Possible investments: ETH;
Max Fee: 19 mln $;
Min Fee: $4 million;
Country: Belize;
Restrictions in participation: USA, China, Canada, Iran, North Korea.
Tokens are distributed as follows:
-35% growth pool;
-30% Reserve;
-15% TGE;
-10% Team;
-4% pre-sale;
-4% main sale;
-1% referral system;
-1% Bounty.
The funds collected from the sale of tokens have the following distribution:
-40% development and development of the project;
-30% marketing program;
-20% reserve Fund;
-5% Partnership;
-5% legal support.

The development plans of the project Mark Global and very long-term.
For 2018: Increase of the command staff; Official wallet starts for Windows, Linux, and Mac; Start of official wallet for mobile devices supporting IOS and Android; a Private lock for information security.
For 2019: Public launch of the Elysian Merch program; Launch of the official Elysian site; Implementation of Atomic Swap in the Elysian E-commerce platform.
2020: Increase in the range of Altkojnov adopted on the Elysian platform; Establishment and opening of an office in Europe and Asia; Implementation of AI with Elysian E-commerce platform.
For the 2021-2022 year: implementation of VR in the platform Elysian Ecommerce;
At 2024god: The goal is to attract 1% of the world’s digital commerce websites for wide application of the Elysian platform.

Website: https://elycoin.io
WhitePaper: https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3333050
Telegram : https://t.me/elysian_ely
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ElysianxELY
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Elysian_ELY

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