ELONCITY Decentralizes Our Power Infrastructure Into Millions of Self Sufficient Microgrids

Eloncity Platform operates under the motto “Free Energy in the world” and is a decentralized network consisting of many smaller networks that provide electricity not only to themselves, but also can produce it for sale. This system is an alternative source of electricity and has several advantages:
 Low cost
 Transparency
 Openness
 Clean energy production
 Production of renewable energy.
The plan is to develop the network and reach the world, which will enable people from remote regions to produce their own electricity locally. This energy will be produced and circulated on the network around the clock, and the price will be set
Innovation and advantages of the project
That the resources of our planet are coming to an end known long ago, but over time this problem is getting more and acuter. Rising electricity prices and inaccessibility in some areas can all be solved by the eloncity platform. This global problem requires serious solutions, so eloncity creates an extensive network that can reach the whole world and reach the most remote areas. The creators of Eloncity are going to create an alternative energy source that Would be renewable and could compete with traditional public services. Existing suppliers and producers of electricity have a number of disadvantages:
 Fixed Cost
The price of energy resources is established by a local state or producer and depends on many factors, the economic situation in a particular region and so on. In addition, they are constantly rising, and users cannot affect this situation.
 Market monopolies
In most regions, there is only one service producing and/or supplying electricity. And since this is what all people need, the monopolists of this sphere can put their terms of sale and supply of electricity, limit its quantity or raise tariffs.
 Incomplete coverage
Even in 2018, there are still remote areas where there is no Jelektrichestvaplatforma Eloncity solves these problems, creating almost free electricity available around the clock and all over the world. The main advantage of the project is the Association of Blockchain-technology and artificial intelligence. Each of these components has its own role on the platform. The blockchain is responsible for the openness of the platform, increases the level of trust to it, allows the platform to become public worldwide and enables any person to become a producer of energy, wherever he is. Artificial intelligence, in turn, allows you to calculate the cost of electricity based on the value exposed by each user and update this data in real time.

Token: ECT
There are no details about the token yet, as the platform is just beginning to develop. Eloncity To disseminate information about it and attract participants from the 8th of June to the second of August 2018, a bounty campaign is held, in which everyone can post information about the project and receive a reward in tokens.
It is planned to hand out 1.5 million ECT on the following platforms:
For this purpose one and a half million tokens are allocated, which will be distributed on the following sites in the ratio:
Social media-720,000 ECT
Bitcointalk-300,000 ECT
Reddit-90,000 ECT
Telegram-75,000 special Task – 45,000 ECT
Other content placement sites-270 000 ECT
Project Development Plan
The project’s idea appeared in 2014 and since then the platform’s creators have come a long way, released several projects and conducted their first tests.
Today, in 2018 the program of Bounty is already launched, soon it is expected to start ICO, the creation of the first independent energy unit and algorithm of calculation of the price for electricity.
The project plan is registered until 2022 and includes conferences in different parts of the world and access to the global market.
Project Team
 Andy Li is the founder of the project, previously worked as a technical director, Chief Network architect and main engineer
 Michael Nguyen has thirty experience in various it sectors, conducted research, results of 17 of them are patented, he also received several awards for technical innovations.
 Justin Wang – Product manager and lead architect of the project
 Gregary Liu – Marketing director, has worked in the project architect for more than eleven years.
 Dunping Yao – Indener with six experience in design, researcher
 Peng Xu is an engineer with a decade of experience in software development, architecture design, and data analysis
 Haichuan Jiang – System Verification Manager, has extensive experience of technical work in the field of testing systems and software testing programs
 Allen Ding – project manager of Eloncity Platform

The project advisors are experienced professionals:
 Bryan Allen
 Chris Whalley
 Ensol Li
 Haifeng Gu
 Howard Choy
 Michael Yuan
 Robert Fortunato
 Robert Mao
The project sets a global challenge, the solution of which will change the current situation in the energy market. While waiting for further information on the sale of tokens, you can take part in the Bounty program, making a contribution to the improvement of our world.

Website: https://eloncity.io
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dkUNgo1_m4X4gf96rfnwEIN-W4P5HB9c/view
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