EINC – Let’s consider the risks of blockchain technology implementation in business creation. At present various countries have a different attitude to the technology blockchain and cryptocurrency. Only a small part of these countries sees great potential in the development of this industry by introducing blockchain into the legal field. However, this is still not enough. There are many ambiguities and disagreements between decentralized structures and centralized governments (regulatory risks).

The blockchain industry is also still in its infancy and the proportion of existing enterprises working on this new technology is relatively small. Hence the problem of lack of information about the prospects and current needs of the market (market risk).

Starting a business based on blockchain-technology, at the moment, is a very difficult task in terms of technology development, requiring the involvement of highly qualified specialists, as well as the wide participation of scientific research (technical risk).

Hacker activity can cause irreparable damage to organizations that have collected money for their startup by selling coins. This activity can be manifested in various forms: in violation of distribution of blockchain, in the kidnapping of collected funds (financial risks).

All these risks and not only, ready to take over the platform Etherinc (hereinafter Einc).
Einc is the fork of the Etherium network, which occurred on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 16:21:28. Mitigate the above risks with the Einc platform.
Regulatory. A separate Department of Public Relations will be established on the basis of einc. It will be endowed the powers of active interaction with the State authorities and representatives of various industries for the implementation of blockchain-technologies, trade, cryptocurrency, the creation of blockchain-applications, etc. Within the jurisdiction of the State in which the enterprises are registered.

Market. The Einc team will regularly be present at industry meetings, will hold press releases on the progress of projects, will occasionally communicate and discuss with the relevant companies the current prospects and needs of the market. This can ensure that the project can respond quickly to community and market demands.

Technical. The team will use the following ways to reduce technical risks:
• Work closely with leading development teams and research institutes to develop the project’s ecosystem.
• The EINC team will regularly allocate funds to support the construction of the Einc community and engage in in-depth collaboration with other blockchain and crypto communities to ensure that the platform’s technical risks are managed.
Financial. The team will use the following ways to reduce financial risks:
• All digital currencies obtained through the pre-sale or sale of coins will be stored in multi-subscription cold storage purses managed by the Einc team.
• Using 3/5 Multi-signatures prevents or significantly reduces the risk of theft.

The traditional business is gradually changing. The newest enterprises are no longer fettered by regions, countries, and borders. According to a report published by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 150 million organizations worldwide are registered annually, but only a third of them survive and continue to work. The most common reason for the failure of these companies is the insufficient availability of funds. There are a lot of expenses in the initial stages of business development, some of them even impossible to foresee.

The absence of organizational structure of the enterprise also leads to disagreements within the companies and, as a result, it ends very badly. EINC offers a solution to this problem. According to the shares of the founding members, the structure of the enterprise is built on the basis of smart contracts. The resolution of key issues is carried out by voting. Each participant of the structure has the different number of votes according to their shares in the given enterprise.

Summing up, I would like to note that Einc creates a modern and convenient ecosystem, designed for start-ups and existing companies wishing to keep up with the times (use of blockchain-technologies). Given the opportunities that this technology gives us, wishing to implement it will become more and more, and accordingly, the demand for services einc not to wait!

The project looks very attractive from an investment point of view. In rating agencies, The project is assigned high grades. The initial offer of coins (ICO) will begin soon. Don’t miss the chance to invest in the future.

Pre-ICO Start date: June 07, 2018
Pre-ICO Completion Date: June 15, 2018
ICO Start Date: June 25, 2018
ICO Completion Date: July 25, 2018

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