EGRETIA The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Engine And Platform

EGRETIA – Recently, a lot of problems have been removed, because of which the work of HTML5 Games was once limited. Thanks to the cross-platform image of HTML5, this technology has become well-applied in games and similar applications.

Because of the accelerated pace of life, players would not mind having a “fragmented time”, in the presence of extra time to fully entertain and rest. The increase of traffic is possible due to this latest model. It will be able to attract new users. Blockchain has recently been gradually applied to related projects. Advantages: • Distributed register mechanisms are quite well protected from unauthorized access;
• Tjuringovye contracts fair and square;
• A fairly reliable data warehouse.
• Availability of a token system, single payments, and calculations.
Disadvantages: • Poorly developed, also poorly updated;
• difficult weak development;
• Inconvenience for participants, very high costs;
• Lack of Safe mode or its failure.

By merging with the Egret program and combining blockchain with precisely working HTML5 processes, creators can develop blockchain applications at an accelerated pace and apply them in all their areas. Partner company Egret Technology with rapidity has created a new engine on the platform HTML5, combining the technology blockchain with reliable information from our partners.
Pros for participants:  As the number of users exceeded millions of hundreds, a virtual passport was invented for them, with the presence of digital encryption.
 Players are given a virtual type purse, with a low level, but with increased protection. It will become the most secure payment platform on all HTML5 blocks.
 The presence of tokens that are common in HTML5 projects on the entire Egreten platform and in everything that is associated with it.
 The system itself has a fairly high stability.
 Using the marker mechanism, any playing participant will be able to have their own personal ID in the games. This will create a solid foundation for the stable operation of the player’s ecosystem.
 The token encryption device system guarantees complete confidentiality.
 The user’s identity cannot be limited to the game alone due to the presence of special tags. There is a special virtual identifier, thanks to which any participant has the opportunity to fully enjoy the time in virtual reality.

The availability of the EGT token for billions of players is possible when using the Egretia Blockchain SDK. It will help games and applications develop faster. Coins will be able to cover every area with HTML5 content.

The company Egret Technology has spent more than three years in creation and development of the HTML5 working process, which includes quite a lot of products, such as the engine itself, visual editor IDE, animation and so on. Each tool is cross-platform and supports all operating systems.

The largest platform Egretia it includes the current development progress, created on the blockchain system, four main products, providing complex solutions and services for chains, providers, content, participants, advertisers, and channels, as well as For the production of a perfect system.
Thanks to this development package, Egretia creators will be able to develop blockchain programs in a fast pace with the help of development packages, and at the same will be able to get a holistic service thanks to this platform. The service includes games, outlets, advertising, and all this can be spread.

Egretia has its own token called-Egreten. The creators can now easily connect the coins to their personal games, and the participants may not be afraid to trade with virtual goods. Both developers and players now have the ability to manage digital coins egreten through personal purses.

Egretia is currently the safest payment program for every HTML5 block application. In the present time computer versions of a purse are developed, and at one for browsers and mobile. From a long-term position, the blockchain framework provided now will be able to support our personal Egretia chain, and at the same time will be expanded to help Ethereum and other common networks, so that any HTML5 developer can effectively Implement blockchain in apps and games.

The available program from the partner Egret Technology-a significantly large game platform HTML5 in the world. It has about two thousand channels of information and over 65 000 games per 40 million live players per month. The latest business-mode revolution created by the blockchain system, the Egret Open platform is now fully upgraded to a decentralized platform for HTML5 games that supports HTML5 developers and HTML5 players Around the world.

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