eGold – The Ultimate eSports Betting Cryptocurrency

eGold is the new digital currencies based on Ethereal blockchain.
eGold aims to unite fans betting eSports worldwide by offering an easy, fast, and secure alternative to bet on their favorite game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and many others.

All the leading gaming tournaments around the world is also included. eGold allows betting community eSports gaming experience on next level feel connected in ecosystems integrated cryptographic security based on eSports.

With the increasing popularity of video games and a growing number of fans following the virtual competitions and tournaments the world over, eSports became the hallmark of the sport for many generations to come. Now, eSports seen and played predominantly by the current generation (Y and Millennial Generation, also known as Z). Regarded as one of the largest generation in history, the Millennium Group switched to the years their main shopping and anticipated As new listeners that could restart the way business is done in many industries. Millennium grow up playing video games and media has become one of the main ways to socialize and build community.

What are the problems of the existing market and how they could finish eGold?
The lack of transparency and inadequate security is currently the two major problems in our industry, the token eGold is the best solution for both

What is the ecosystem of eSports? How different than traditional sports?
Esports presents many challenges, but along with these challenges, the Esports award offers larger again. Traditional sports have a rigid rule, which can go back decades, if not centuries. In addition, they are now highly regulated by government agencies, local and global, to manage the sports rules. Instead, eSports at an early stage, with the integration of technology that is unique and unmatched in it. Game developer launches monthly revisions, patches, updates, game mechanics that can change the playing field significantly, and also regulations, to keep the game competitive they stay fresh, clean and maintain tough competition among the players. This allows for:

Pure skill games
Different approaches to be very good at this game
Relatively low cost of entry and a sustainable growth because of the nature of the mediumnya
The potential to overcome traditional sports, such as regulations, map, mechanical, the characters, and various other variables, can be changed to create a new strategy and balance are more stringent.

Project Reviews
Cryptocurrencies take over the betting world where eSports growing in importance at the rate of exponential decay every year with the number of followers, fans and enthusiasts. Instant low-cost transaction is something that the world of betting is already required for a very long time and Cryptococcus will definitely improve that. Combine that with high computer literacy of the people involved in the manufacturing of eSports eSports marriage between betting and cryptocurrencies a match that perfectly aware of this need, UltraPlay was one of the first providers to adopt the bitcoin in the online gaming industry, allowing the operator iGaming, which required significant advantages from technology blockchain to give it to their players for faster and more secure transactions.

opportunities and Use-Cases
Decentralized and automated
Transparent and secure
The innovative payment method

Token Distribution
2% for program activities bounty eGold
2% for WINGS DAO to give awards at Oracle
6% of all tokens will be dedicated to eGold Advisor
10% for the team to ensure that eGold long-term dedication
15% of all the token required to meet our marketing budget
20% of all the token provided to development budget
20% token should be placed in a contingency reserve of cold storage
25% of the minted tokens will be sold at token sales eGold

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Selling eGold token is set to start Active January 21, 2018. Sale token will expire as soon as the hard CAP is reached or on February 25, 2018-any of the conditions are met first.

Hard cap: 25,000 ET
1ETH = 88 EGL
Regular price in crowdsale are set to = 88 1ETH EGL.
The first day of the sale will be eGold POWER DAY, which offers 1ETH = 106 EGL (Bonus 20%).
After the first day is done, there is another day of rising prices for the first two weeks (the rest of the six days in the first week), during this POWER WEEK 1ETH = 97 EGL (10% bonus)
After the end of the week the power until the end of the crowd, the price will be the regular price 1ETH = 88 eGold.

The token will be transferred immediately after crowdsale. The total number of tokens that eGold 8,888,888 is printed. 25% of all tokens that are created will be sold in the sale of eGold token 10% of all tokens will be dedicated to the pool team eGold to ensure long-term involvement with 6% of all tokens will be dedicated to the Advisor to eGold ensure long term engagement with 20% of all tokens will be placed in cold storage as a contingency reserve of 2% of all tokens will be set aside for different events in the rewards program eGold 2% of the total of token that will be given to the WINGS DAO to give tribute to the participants in the forecasting of 15% of all the token required to meet marketing budget 20% of all tokens for the development budget.



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