EcoVerseTM The First-Ever Self-Sustainable Blockchain Platform

EcoVerseTM – Blockchain is known all over the world and every person has heard about etharium or Bitcoin. However, at the moment there are many other not less promising currencies, which are able to offer better conditions for their users.

For example, EOS is a blockchain, which can boast a fairly high rate of transactions, which greatly simplifies the work with it. However, it should be understood that now there are more promising currencies that can offer the best conditions in the market.

And one of these projects can now be safely called Ecoverse, which certainly can pleasantly surprise each person. In this article I will discuss in detail all the features of the platform, the main features and differences from other blockchain networks, which are now on the market.

And at once I will note, that Ecoverse pleasantly stands out on a general background, and why, we will analyze in this article in detail.
How is ecoverse different from other projects so that we have the most important in the indicators of the network blockchain? Here I will answer simply-the speed of transactions, which can issue the network. After all, if the transaction rate is kept at a low mark, there is no common sense to talk about the success of the project.

Plus people want comfort, and to ensure it can only high transaction processing speed and nothing more. I’ll highlight a few basic platforms that are now the most popular:.

1. Network Etharium. It can handle about 15 transactions per second. Of course, soon the update will be released, but when it happens and it will be successful-it’s a big question.
2. Habitual financial Network The visa is capable of processing 20 000 transactions per second. These are excellent indicators, EcoVerse  but as this network is constantly overloaded, people have to wait a long time to confirm their operation.
3. EOS has excellent performance based on the load on the network, because the system is capable of processing almost three thousand transactions in one second.
Now imagine that the Ecoverse project is capable of processing 1 000 000 transactions per second. You imagine it’s one million, and it’s capable of handling the network? Of course, such indicators were in laboratory conditions, where everything is perfect.
However, in practice the network showed 100 000 transactions per second. It is simply impossible to overload such a network, and it is an excellent indicator which are advanced at the moment.

What technology has been used now many people have heard about the technology Proof of Stake, which is the future update of the network Etharium. However, this technology has one important drawback-there is no complete decentralization, because only those who have the most of the coins on their balance will earn. And if there is no centralization, is it wise to speak for blockchain?

In this case, the Ecoverse platform will use its own algorithms, which open new opportunities for all market participants. Accordingly, users will be exposed to excellent conditions, thanks to which absolutely all participants will be able to benefit from what is happening and will simply use it regularly.

EcoVerse Technical characteristics of the platform on which the Ethereum token works accept to pay ETH date of commencement of official sales 15 Noyab. In 2018
The platform sales end date will be 14 Dec. In 2018
Token has the name ECR as you may have noticed, the timing is small. There is one simple reason for this-the project has already finished product, and ICO is necessary to attract the attention of users.

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