Ecoinomic Flat Loans Against Crypto Asset Collateral

Ecoinomic intends to issue loans in “Fiat” on bail in “crypto”. A simple idea that is capable of flipping the market “Koinov” upside down. That is, bitcoin and its brothers invade in a niche, formerly occupied by traditional types of assets: securities, cars, real estate, etc. ecoinomic-part of the “Uber Group”, a consortium that has been working in the sectors of finance and Finteha for many years.

Ecoinomic is headed by Alexey Smolyan, CEO of “Uber” bank since 2010 (the bank itself appeared in the Russian Federation in 1992). In 2017 net assets of “übercharge” amounted to $46 mln.

Thanks to startup Ecoinomic “Uber Group” expects to merge the classic financial and crypto markets. The headquarters of Ecoinomic is located in Cyprus, the ICO holds an Estonian branch, has offices in South Korea, England, Hong Kong and the Russian Federation.
How does it work?
According to the functional Ecoinomic reminds any microfinance organization, only works through the internet and takes pledges in “Koinah”.
To get a loan, you will need the following:
 Register on the Blockchain platform ecoinomic and enter the parameters of the credit to which you are calculating;
 The platform itself offers such loans: Period – 1 – 30 days, amount – $0.2 – 10 thousand;
 The number of credits per Nick is not limited;
 The loan is issued in “Fiat”, interest Utrjasajutsja individually.
Ecoinomic will offer small loans from itself and will reduce users to financial institutions-lenders. Conditions (amount, rate) are allowed to be set independently – the service will automatically find the appropriate offers.
The creditor and the borrower can become any. Do not worry that the pledge in the “crypt” suddenly settles in a foreign pocket-the conditions are controlled by a smart contract (violated-blame on themselves).

For financial organizations, ecoinomic will become a kind of reinforced concrete guarantor-the financial coverage of the loan platform takes over, in parallel eliminating the risks associated with lending.
Ecoinomic is not going to be limited to instant small loans. Promised and additional services (modules):
 Hedging (insurance against currency risks for assets in the “crypt”),
 Token payments (integration with Amazon and eBay),
 Exchange of “Koinov” (as on a regular exchange),
 Investments in “Fiat” and “crypto” (short-and long-term).

The first customers ecoinomic expects to find among miners, those who invested in cryptocurrency with the hope of a rapid increase in their value, as well as among startups, needing “fiat” for a short period. The target audience includes less obvious groups of clients for example, users who love to play for promotion-they ecoinomic substitute “leverage”.
Conditionally: Bought 1 BTC, laid it and the loan acquired another 0.5 BTC.
Why invest in ecoinomic?
Among the obvious advantages of ecoinomic I would like to mention the following:
 Availability of a full-fledged alpha version of the platform;
 Multicurrency (a half dozen cryptocurrency are accepted as collateral);
 Transaction speed;
 Transparency and reliability at the expense of blockchain (all in the power of smart contracts);
 Has its own reserve fund (such insurance should increase the attractiveness of the service for both small and large investors);
 Ezheminutnyj Monitoring of prices (the value of the collateral is calculated from caution to the data, “Podtjagivaemye” with the largest crypto).
The microfinance organization belonging to the “Uber group”-About 5 thousand. Customers from 30 countries. In Estonia, Ecoinomic has already received licenses Kriptobirzhi and Kriptoobmennika. At Presejle startup attracted $6 million. There are also third-party investors – for example, One Venture partners.

In the state of startup-more than 80 specialists, more than 10 years engaged in accounting services and PODNATOREVSHIH in the legal sector. Financial Audit/Consulting is also their hobby. A strong team!
Commissions on the platform will be accepted only in ecoinomic tokens, after which they freeze for five years to spur the exchange rate.
ICO Details
 Ticker: CNC (ERC-20)
 Total tokens: up to 2.1 billion
 Tokens available on ICO: up to 1.55 billion
 ICO Dates: May 1-August 1, 2018
 Token price: 1 CNC = $0.12
 Softkap: $6 million
 Hardkap: $106 million
 There is no minimum investment amount.
 KYC is mandatory!
 All unsold tokens will be destroyed!
 Currencies accepted for payment: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, etc.

Conclusion :
The ultimate goal of ecoinomic is to provide the “crypt” holders with traditional financial services and, as a result, to overcome the gap separating classic and digital assets. In my opinion, ICO deserves support, because trust inspires the everything-the team, its experience, implemented projects. Statistics also speaks in favor of ecoinomic.

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