EARTH TOKEN – Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace

EARTH TOKEN  Earth project is Blockchain Token with a vision to improve the environment, launched by impactChoice. impactChoice, founded in 2009, has an Office in the u. S, u. K, South Africa and Mauritius. the company has developed a ‘ Natural ‘ Exchange Asset after providing environmental mitigation audits software to companies that are most great being in the hospitality industry, such as continuous Hotel Verde. impactChoice, the leading provider of environmental sustainability software, will launch the presenter a presenter from Standard cryptocurrency, Earth ERC20 Token (ETN) on October 23, 2017. Primary token sales will begin one week later, 30 October.


The purpose of the project Earth Token
The goal of this project is to combine the power of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with years of experience creating solutions to environmental sustainability to establish global Markets Acetate removes current barriers to participate in activities that preserve our environment, while giving all stakeholders who appreciate the value of intangible assets as the market grows and develops.
Blockchain Natural Asset Exchange platform and Earth Token (ETN) will accelerate the global environmental Sustainability efforts and changing Market of natural Capital Assets worth $120 Trillion by letting the market grow organically and reach potential magnitude.
Dana Earth Token (ETN) will be held using the wallet multi-sig, including two of the three signatories to the control of funds. All token sales information will be available on the official site of the Earth the Token

Let’s discuss in more detail about the project Earth this Token, ICO and other important things. Ico project, called Earth Token, have the right to participate in the blockade of the ethereum technology. The desire to provide a unique opportunity for all parties to really change the market’s Natural Capital Asset, creating a natural Market Asset Markets, which will allow all stakeholders in climate to create value chains participate in it.
Don’t forget, climate change is a serious risk to the world economy, which affects the wealth and prosperity of all citizens of the country and the world. This will impact significantly to the availability of resources, energy prices, the vulnerability of the infrastructure and the valuation of the company. The company’s environmental sustainability efforts are no longer considered purely voluntary. Clients and shareholders expect a reduction in the energy and emissions significantly, while legislators at all levels create new regulations that require confirmation of adherence to the climate.

EARTH TOKEN It’s also a long time ago that everything was calculated and the data there is in the hands of the developers. Natural Capital assets assets that are not rated and undervalued worth worth more than $120 trillion, while assets are specifically given by the institutions and individuals who performed in connection with the pemindahtanganan of fossil fuels are estimated reached $5 trillion in 2017. While awareness and act on climate change and the importance of natural assets to grow, there is no transparent mechanism to connect producers of this natural asset to the buyer and consumer of this asset. Today, as in many industries, control and benefits that come with some special people. Stakeholders will also be repackaged asset-value to create a customized quote with a new market segment, expanding the overall market and create additional wealth for all participants. As a provider of innovative solutions in the field of environmental sustainability since 2009, we understand the great value of the platform and this new paradigm. We offer a variety of unique solutions that create demand for Natural Capital Assets, backed by a proven business model, with existing customers and pay.

Team Earth Token
Angus Rowe: co-founder, Chairman
Leonard Harley: co-founder, Managing Director, IT Director
Peter Newell: Operations Director, Acting Financial Director
Allan Saunders: Marketing Director, Product Development Director
Dennis Stone: Advisor
Jason Berry: Advisor
The sale of the Carbon Mitigation Solutions Marketing & we can be applied to a number of use cases to reduce future environmental impact mitigation:
-Share of the economy (the Uber AirBnB, etc.)
-Public transportation
Traditional guest houses B & B/guest
-Service Datacentres & ISP
A confirmation transaction Blockchain-energy use
-Film/theatrical Gigs/festival/theme parks
-Electric personal & fuel consumption
-Food production across the full supply chain
-Purchase restaurant/fast food
-energy consumption device IoT
-Some industrial processes
-Delivery of government services
-Manufacturing industry in some industries
-Manufacture and distribution of clothing
-The manufacture, distribution, and use of vehicles
-recycling industry
-Sea transport and fishing
-Beer Factory
-The manufacture, distribution, and use of electronic
We welcome and allow public participation in identifying the possibilities of use cases that will ultimately generate more demand on the block Storage of natural Assets.

Nama : Earth Token
Simbol : ETN
Total Supply :
Rate Token :
– Pra-Dijual 5.200 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (Bonus 30%) –
– Minggu 1 4.800 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (Bonus 20%)
– Minggu 2 4.400 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (Bonus 10%)
– Minggu 3 4.000 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH

Token allocation and funds
60% token will be sold to the public.
40% is divided among service providers to 3rd party logistics Token Token Sale, Sale and technology platform partners, founders, stakeholders, advisory, the initial contributor, the Earth, creation of Token backup market, liquidity, incentives for contractors and supplier.
The level of emissions of 50% at the time of distribution, the next 25% every 6 months.



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