Dominium – If you have a little business with investing or even read a few books, you know on your experience or on the experience of others that the most reliable way to the invest-real estate. The real estate market is fairly stable and reliable. Because the demand is every day, living quarters, entertainment, workers, Municipally. Now a decentralized project is being developed, which aims to optimize property management processes-Dominium.

Dominium concept
Dominium was developed by a team of experienced professionals who have been in the real estate business for many years and have trust in many people. The Dominium project, based on Blokchejne, is set up to provide an open, decentralized real estate management platform to international real estate agents, analysts and investors.

Dominium is a multilingual real estate platform that uses blockchain technology for the benefit of the real estate market participants: Architects, construction companies, financiers, investors, owners.
The project can also be a tool that can be used to improve the services provided by the real estate market participants. Dominium is completely based on modern technologies. It uses the technology of blockchain, yes that would provide each client with a real estate best solution for the services they need. Thanks to this platform, for example, a person in Ukraine can easily participate in the profitable real estate market in Norway, without worrying too much about unpleasant moments with documents and about other difficulties. The Dominium platform is designed to care for these situations. The project has hundreds of millions of assets in the form of various real estate portfolios, various funds and subsidiaries. The use of blockchain technology, in general, simplifies all processes in the sphere of real estate that allows market participants to exchange data and money safely and effectively. As a result, the information becomes more accessible, eliminates the need for intermediaries, reduces the risk of fraud.

Token and ICO
The DOM tokens will be used to pay for actions on the platform, such as creating assets and trading those assets, registering leases and sales agreements, and other services.
Token: DOM (ERC20)
Total: 1 000000000 DOM
Available for sale: 700 000 000 DOM
Minimum investment: 100 DOM
Phase I
Starts on September 3, 2018
0 to 125 000 000 DOM
Price: 1 DOM = €0.10
Phase II
Starts after the end of Phase 1 (sold 125 000 000 DOM)
From 125 000 001 to 250 000 000 DOM
Price: 1 DOM = €0.15
Phase III
Starts after the end of Phase 2 (sold 125 000 000 DOM)
From 250 000 001 to 375 000 000 DOM
Price: 1 DOM = €0.20
Phase IV
Starts after the end of Phase 3 (sold 125 000 000 DOM)
From 375 000 001 to 500 000 000 DOM
Price: 1 DOM = €0.25
Softcap: € 2,500,000,00
HARDCAP: € 92,500,000,00

Conclusion :
Dominium The project has a huge number of advantages. First, the scope of application-real estate-is a very reliable and fairly stable area for investment. Secondly, the professional team of developers of the project, which has high activity both in social networks and in news tapes Kriptomira, that speaks about serious intentions of the team and desire to finish the business to the end.

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