DOCTAILOR Bridging The Gap Between The Trillion Dollar

DocTailor is a platform that allows users to be able to custom Smart legal contract that eases the lawyers, individuals, and organizations to make Smart Contract on blockchain without having to have a special skill. DocTailor is the easiest way for the newbies who haven’t been familiar with Smart Contract and blockchain. Smart technology Contract and blockchain is believed to be very useful and beneficial to the future in the development of modern technology and Artificial Intelligence. With DocTailor, a developer does not have to bother even looking for a programmer who charges very expensive. In addition, developers can also save time in running and complete their tasks.

DocTailor also offers ease of payment and also the Fund storage cryptocurrency or FIAT. For those of you business travelers who give priority to security in each transaction that happens, DocTailor is also very suitable for systems operated with P2P, B2B, and B2C as needed. All of the party will be able to monitor and manage a Smart direct in Contract on the blockchain.  DocTailor will be a solution for the long term for those developers who find obstacles and problems to do an activity. DocTailor also suitable to integrate with the latest API, so as to allow all people can custom smart contract through a third party.

The blockchain is a technology embedded on the bitcoin. Blockchain technology works like a big book distributed where everyone yan can monitor directly all specified data at blockchain via the internet. Blockchain enables all of the data will have a record of history in detail, so, everyone will be able to easily do tracking a chain of transaction data. The main properties that became the hallmark of transparency are, where blockchain and immutable data. Immutable data enables all people can not change the data in hidden, so as to, data stored in the blockchain data is authentic or valid data.

Platform Revenue
DocTailor users will be able to access the clause and “pay as you go” (PAYG) and cryptocurrency. The platform also issued an official token to be used as internal currency where all transactions will use the cryptocurrency. In addition, the token will also be used as a medium to offer incentives to users to encourage and motivate the user.

Users can also get income by way of making Smart Contract, agreements and contracts tailor-made and distributed to other users in need. So, DocTailor would also like a small marketplace that connects between the makers of Smart Contract and developers who need a smart Contract.

In my opinion, the presence of DocTailor would be very influential on the development of the technology world. DocTailor such as provide ease for developers in facilitating technology blockchain and Smart Contract. As we know, right now it’s blockchain technology is undergoing massive improvement in terms of adoption and implementation. Therefore, DocTailor will prepare to welcome a future where all devices and all systems will use Blockchain and Smart Contract as the technology pillar.

Support from the community of Cryptocurrency
In building a platform DocTailor and the complete project from DocTailor, then any form of support from the community cryptocurrency will greatly help the success of the platform DocTailor. DOCT Token is a token of official DocTailor to be used as a means of internal transactions. The only way of obtaining this token is to buy it at the time of Sale of the Token.

DOCT Token Sale is an event organized by the DocTailor platform for the purpose of opening the doors of the community support cryptocurrency by selling the token DOCT to the public. The result of this sale will be used as initial capital to build platform DocTailor. The following information can Sale Token DOCT you noted if you wish to contribute:

Token Symbol: DOCT
Price : 1 ETH = 2700 DOCT
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 4,000,0000 USD
Country: United Kingdom
Token Sale Page:
Token for Sale : 300,000,000 (60% from total supply)

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Telegram :

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