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DOCADEMIC – In the middle of a massive economic activity in the healthcare industry, participants face many challenges. At DOCADEMIC, we have identified a fundamental element to overcome. This is a very important element so often manipulated for profit elite … but it is important for the health and growth of health care around the world. The elements are: ACCESS. Access to health is the lifeblood of the healthcare industry.

Access includes short-term health solutions and the basic needs of individuals-whether it is associated with a chronic disease or a common cold. The hospital can have the greatest facilities in the world and the best medical services for patients, however, if at any time the patient require treatment immediately, and cannot contact the hospital or pay services, then these patients are in the problem. Health world history is filled with such casualties. His future is not necessary. Accessibility problems trigger many events of Global health crisis ‘ most traumatic. A recent surprise occurs when the Ebola virus spread throughout West Africa, caused by a lack of knowledge and fear. Panic reactions by citizens of transmutation to local governments, leading to a further spread of the virus.

The world of digital health in their creative energy pouring into an explosion of technology Blockchain and AI in this new and interesting business model. But access elements that are less attractive but basic attention-getting left behind. What if health care the most significant individuals associated with a specific set of rules that prevent patients considering medical, seek help or selfmedicates, without quick access to health care providers? They could be in serious trouble. These problems already existed until now. The largest healthcare provider in traditional health care is a global chain of hospitals, Government and other health institutions like Keyser Permanente, Aetna and UnitedHealth Group.

DOCADEMIC is a service platform for global community sourced health starts with a Documentary Video Telemedicine services with the help of doctor (DOCADEMIC APP) for free that has been used in 20 countries by thousands of users and assistive devices and social AI related. network to the medical community (Docademic for Doctors). Combined, this results in a level of high-quality basic health care that allows every individual to access benefits and health knowledge that technology now allows

DOCADEMIC is currently developing DOCADEMIC and DOCADEMIC APP FOR DOCTORS, a global-scale health care platform with a series of related services that will allow level access and medical advances. In the process, this will allow anyone to take advantage of all the opportunities of the new economy Cryptohealth.

DOCADEMIC platform will be managed and operated by Sidrese SA de CV was established under the laws of Mexico.
Currently, the accessibility landscape for fragmented. Leading health care providers all have the same way of accessing health care services, and there is no single healthcare provider that can break down in a single access method whatsoever. Furthermore, accessibility and best prices for certain health services can switch from one provider to another provider. At any time, the best way to get medical attention there may be in the hospital or local government service. The disease can be avoided by care at home but there is no way to find out for sure and search on the internet is most questionable.

DOCADEMIC platform brings together the entire global medical services and make it accessible to everyone. DOCADEMIK platform through his DOCADEMIC APP provides an unparalleled and methods reliably to re-orient health services and products to individuals and institutions also to the Token Issuer and Token Holders.

Application DOCADEMIC
DOCADEMIC DOCADEMIC APP Platform has an easy to use interface that combines the benefits of analytic services of various artificial intelligence and help Human Doctors in attendance 24 hours a day to one a very userfriendly application, which allows the user to seek medical assistance at the place and time. the choice of a person and also the follow-up care they receive and grab and share their medical records through blockchain with the doctor of their choosing:

DOCADEMIC APP solves two critical issues that limit a patient’s health in the world: Shiloh less Market accessibility and listed.
As mentioned above, the accessibility of Silos is the bag of health care providers such as hospitals and clinics which exist because of access in a particular location is not available to people who live far away or want health services at When Shiloh accessibility does not operate. The less market is underserved markets that, in isolation, is not rich enough to support the cost of traditional medical services.

Under the hood, DOCADEMIC APP is a combination of two diagnostic services: Diagnosis of Internal AI: artificial intelligence are trained by our doctor to complete and optimize diagnosis of symptoms a patient comes from a perceived patient information through speech and text. and constantly improved.

Doctor’s diagnosis: Aggregate External real-time Team of doctors who have all the information we’ve learned to give service in several countries. Every Doctor in the service associated with the system that collects treatment, drugs and health care providers that are added to the network.

DOCADEMIC platform (application DOCADEMIC) supporting the grant of medical advice on choice of country person. To understand just how useful it is, it’s helpful to understand that most of the world’s health service consists of the basic primary care (first contact with a physician), and secondary care (doctor or service you refer once primary care doctor diagnose you). It is also possible to get medical care in secondary care services and through primary care services.

DOCADEMIC platform (DOCADEMIC for doctors) consists of a series of social network service that gives users the tools to receive continuing medical education, reducing error diagnosis and increased ROI due to lower costs for The doctor and the patient. DOKADEMIK for doctors including electronic health records, Digital Vademecum, and more than 600 medical journals and the social networks specifically for Doctors as the core of the problem.
Users can now share their insights, receive the patients, learn from the latest clinical procedures and use of tools that integrate AI, without having to pay for these services and tools or rely on them for medical institutions provide it for them.

DOCADEMIC PLATFORM users will get the following benefits:
Counterparty risk reduction: users of DOCADEMIC Platform of DOCTOR will be confident that the information provided in accordance with the regulations. DOCADEMIC is set in the United States that is known as one of the most rigorous health regulators in the world.
Increase Efficiency: user Platform DOCADEMIC DOCTOR will be able to update their knowledge of other treatments without having to search for medical journals in the world directly. Journal updates will be done through technology DOCADEMIC posts in real time, and supposed to be instant for the doctor immediately after the article was published.
A more accurate diagnosis for their patients: doctors Academic Platform Users will have the ability to view and select the diagnosis suggested by AI, who comes from a different clinical guidelines. This will allow Doctors to better utilize the advantages in sometimes the integration of recent developments in the treatment in the health care system.
Token MTC
MTC will be issued by Sidrese Sa. De CV and can be distributed by itself and/or distributors appointed. Please note that the MTC do not represent equity DOCADEMIC and does not give the right to the dividend rights of the holders of rights, or the Division of profits from each DOCADEMIC entity. MTC is a Crypto Token that can be used as fuel to give strength to all the services provided by the Platform and services DOCADEMIC DOCADEMICS (DOCADEMIC and DOCADEMIC APP for doctors)
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 6 March-6 April 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 28,571 MTC/1 ETH
The total supply of Token 1, 000 million MTC


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