DIW Enables the Secure Storage of Sensitive Information

DIW TOKEN – Every day, we create and save 2.5 trillion bytes of data. In the last two years alone, we have created 90 percent data world! The amount of data that was created on a platform of digital information per day is eight times greater than the information stored in all the libraries in the U.S.!

People create and access data through a variety of personal digital devices every day, with the data and information stored in various databases and cloud, in services such as social media platform, music, banking, shopping and much more. According to an online survey, with more than 2,000 adults speak United Kingdom participating, the average person has 27 discrete online login. Because we store more data at various locations, we rely on a growing number of passwords to access our information. You can save these keywords along with other sensitive information with online organisations; However, this raises concerns over violations of security if someone stores all personal information in one place.

Organizations that offer information and store the information using the service known as the centralized system. The current centralized system is the most widely used model for software applications. This system collects and stores all data in one central, with all individuals rely on this infrastructure, and also expect it to protect their personal data. This dependence produces a single point of failure that is vulnerable to hacking or corruption.
Solutions Offered By The Project DIW
DIW plan to bridge and solve all the problems that have been mentioned above with the introduction of a global network of blockchain-based and decentralized, complete with its own ecosystem and its currency. The holder of the DIW will be able to access the network anonymously, get access to the Secure Vault, where they can safely store the entire ‘ Virtual Life ‘ they include sensitive documents such as passports, contracts, electronic health records and details login.

Organizations and individuals around the world will be able to take part and switch their service in the form of a Global Directory. Access to the network is given only to the holder of a valid, after confirm their account by completing KYC documentation/KYS. The transaction will be done in full transparency and all members of the network will be able to see real life performance of each in the form of a score rating.

DIW token will be used and accepted across the network for transactions between members, allowing for higher security. Additional services such as encrypted storage solution, digital contract-based escrow services as well as hardware purse for enhanced security will also be offered to members of premiumnya.

Features Of DIW
DIW allows the storage of sensitive information as safe as documentation identification, passwords, bank account and credit card information, documentation, wills or KYC KYS passed, as well as other valuable digital data in the platform a very decentralized encrypted, secure and private. This platform also enables account holders to share data securely in part or in its entirety.
Payment Gateway
Provides media problem solver and security safe for web site owners to accept payment, in the main, fiat currency or crypto, using a decentralized platform login DIW. DIW’s Payment Gateway, is going to be an easy checkout system integrated to many e-commerce sites including featuring Open Source CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.
Global Directory
DIW plans to introduce a global directory of where the account holder, whether individuals or organizations, will be able to register their services and expand their reach. The directory will display the smart rating system that enhances trust and transparency between the account holder.
Paid Escrow
Other major features of the platform are DIW escrow services-based smart contracts that would protect the transaction between the parties. DIW paid escrow services, easy to use but at the same time sophisticated and intelligent, ensure that all conditions of the transaction have been met before releasing the funds.
Vision | Electronic Health Records
It would be gross negligence for the whole project to ignore the important security needs associated with Electronic Health Records. Our vision is to DIW to cover this sector by allowing the storage of encrypted and secure private sharing of EHRs between account holders and validated laboratory, pharmacist, doctor or other health care professional with additional options to capitalize on technology contracts has been shown in intelligent network of DIW.

How Are The DIW Work?
The holder of the DIW, either the patient or health professional, will be able to store, update and transfer of sensitive health records, using the DIW Healthcare Module in the platform of the DIW. All EHR will-at any time-it is encrypted, secure and stored personally in the blockchain network.
EHR Transfer From Health Professionals To Patients
Healthcare Professional, who acts as the holder of the DIW, will be able to send the EHR to patients using the recipient address their personal digital wallet.

Both the Healthcare Professional and the patient would then have access to the EHR. Healthcare Professional will forward the administrative rights of a patient’s EHR to give them the authority to release health care Professional at any time.

EHR Transfer Of Patients To Healthcare Professional
A patient will be able to make contracts with special health file using smart contracts technology shown in the network of DIW and DIW Healthcare Module. This will allow patients to determine a set of rules that will be enforced automatically once the contract accepted by the Healthcare Professional. Such rules may include a password generator, file permissions, the access period, a confidentiality agreement with the access policy acceptance and termination.

Healthcare Professional can also make the contract files that can be edited are asking for permission to access and edit the EHR patience. Patients will be able to customize this contract before giving access to a Healthcare Professional.

DIW Ecosystem
DIW ecosystem consists of 1 000 000 000 (one billion) token. We propose that a token is referred to as the “DIW ” and represented by the symbol of Rhombus “◊ “.
DIW Token Value Will Be Affected By The Following:

The value of most of the tokens that are distributed from the ICO is mainly influenced by natural fluctuations in crypto exchanges platform and their existence is closely related to their popularity there.

We are different because we propose to leverage the use of token DIW in DIW ecosystems by paying the holders to accommodate network storage devices by leveraging the DIW and the processing of their computing devices, with pay escrow services-based smart contracts and by completing the purchase directly. between the holder of the DIW or e-commerce store, using commodity good crypto token or DIW and/or other currencies.

We believe that this practice will ensure sustainability and longevity of the DIW token and protect its value because it does not depend only on the demand and supply in crypto exchanges platform.

The unique privilege of DIW token this will really set it apart from the rest of the token is kriptocurrency.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales March 27-April 10, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
Token price 8000 DIW/1ETH
The total supply of Token 1, 000 million DIW

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